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  1. BGP dwarfs AP in getting it close.
  2. Hurts graduates in December, will be interesting to see what it's in his future.
  3. Seems a little bit over-the-top to me, guess Nick is getting old.
  4. What I like about McCarron is that no situation seems too big for him. he may not be the most talented but he seems to keep his cool in any situation.
  5. Bama defense looking that good or does Louisville have a lot of work to do?
  6. Bengals have sure become younger this year.
  7. I heard that there was a bit too much emotion at one point.
  8. If true that's unacceptable, they need to get that taken care of!
  9. T will be fine, things just might be more interesting than they are used to. Then again, they might not.
  10. I doubt it, Trinity is just that much above the rest of Kentucky.
  11. Exactly, rather than being an indictment of KY football I think it is a testament to CCH.
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