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NFL Elimination Game, Week 2

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Congrats to the posters listed below, they did NOT select the Cardinals, the Rams, the Titans, the Panthers, or the Colts. In this thread, if you are listed below, please list a team for Week 2 that you haven't picked previously, and only a team name. All other posts will be deleted.


Thanks and good luck!

@TheDeuce, @UKMustangFan, @silo11, @StrongSide, @Can'tcoach, @rjs4470, @HammerTime, @spindoc, @LCDAWGS19, @nkypete, @mcpapa, @afi100guy, @Randy Parker, @littleluck55, @cowboy90, @se7ens, @GrizzlyAdams, @dmh115, @8th Region Warrior, @PutMeInCoach, @sumoroyal, @sweet16, @World B Free, @Big Slick, @futurecoach, @MNCM, @TTS_JF, @PurplePride92, @lawildcat, @Habib, @DragonFire, @GrantNKY, @B-Ball-fan, @Hellbird, @Jaysie, @16thbballfan, @Jumper_Dad, @RondoRules, @Jack of all Trades, and @theguru.


Have fun.

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