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  1. Eastern, Trinity and Ballard will put Manual always 4/5 in the region. They have good young kids coming but PG is not coming with that group. Those 3 teams have coaches that have won state titles and two that have won numerous. Welcome to the big leagues.
  2. Not even close to interesting. Male is loaded and will be for a while. Maybe in 4-5 years.
  3. It’s actually in Leslie County based on how the river bends around the school. When it was public school Leslie and Clay fought over it all the time. Phone number is a clay co land line. Early 90’s through 1998 they were really good. They were in the same district as Bell, Pineville and Middlesboro. They were probably the second best team in the region a couple times but Clay was loaded. John D Wilson hall of fame coach did an awesome job while he was there.
  4. I have been upset as most all of you have that we are not a 2 seed period. We have 5 losses and all of them we had a shot to win. Only two losses as of now in the SEC and both in OT. Evansville was in November with people hurt and sick. All the teams have crazy losses. They truly hate Coach Cal.
  5. This year especially the tournament will be based on matchups even more. If we can stay away from teams that drive it and offensive rebound like mad men I like our chances. Guard play wins in the tournament and we have 3 really good ones at times. Cal did take Hagans out today and last year in the tourney he refused too. Think he understands what I was watching today too.
  6. It was a good win and rocket man I’m calm for now. Just stating facts. Hagans 2-13 tofay. Lead team in shot attempts and is our worst shooter. Missed 3-4 shots at the rim.
  7. When this team loses in the tourney it will be because of Hagans. Terrible second half.
  8. I also believe that the blue jack o lantern bucket is used to symbolize trick or treaters that have autism as well for collecting candy. It is used for autism awareness.
  9. 7-Atlanta 5-New Orleans 3-Seattle 2-Carolina 1-San Francisco TB-San Francisco
  10. 7-Dallas 5-Houston 3-Tennessee 2-Carolina 1-San Francisco TB-Dallas
  11. I am still one that thinks the Reds are not to far off in making the playoffs. When you see teams like the Twins, A's, Nationals, Rays, getting in that gives us a chance in my opinion. However some major glaring weaknesses jump out at me. 1. Lost 25-30 games by 1 run this season. You can throw in not bunting, running bases correctly, moving guys over, and our third base coach to most of these. 2. Iglesias is not a closer and appears he doesn't want to be a Red in my opinion, and I truly think he does not like Bell after the benching that happened early in the season. (2-13) on the season :( 3. We have to bat better for average as a team. I am a firm believer that we would be in the playoffs if we were an above average offense. Look at these stats that I saw this week and you will see what I mean. We rank 13 out of 15 in WAR as a team Catcher 9th (tie) 1B 12th 2B 13th 3B 4th SS 13th LF and CF 13th RF 11th We are not winning with one/two guys on your team batting above 270. The Reds have some big decisions to make in the off season, lets hope they make wise ones.
  12. Yes he’s been terrible. But so has he whole bullpen. They were badly overused first 50 games. Iglesias lost 12-13 games this year. Just awful all season. Reds ranked 13 of 15 on offensive WAR. Only had one position player under 9 at his position in Suárez. Had several at 12-13. Have to get some proven bats moving forward.
  13. 7-Pittsburgh 5-Minnesota 3-New York 2-Denver 1-New Orleans TB-Pittsburgh
  14. If Suarez keeps improving at RISP, he will be an MVP candidate for sure next year in my opinion. Almost 50 dingers and only a 100 RBI sounds weird to me, until you realize how many are solo shots. It tells me we need to get people on base ahead of him a lot more often. What a season for him!!
  15. 7-Chicago 5-Arizona 3-Buffalo 2-Houston 1-Indianapolis TB-Indianapolis
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