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  1. Kids just are not good enough to play with shot clock, it would make a terrible product in high school. AAU tourney's are using it at the higher level games and it is fine, but for high school in this state it would be terrible.
  2. Unless Hagan Harrison was enrolled by May 1st he will be ruled ineligible, as he is wanting a extra year of playing, aka reclassifying.
  3. Do not forget that it is going to based on superintendents of each district and I am willing to guess most of them 75% say "no". Reason being funding, and you have to allow every kid in your district the right to repeat if they choose too.
  4. The division will be awful. Brewers and Cardinals have offense but no pitching what so ever. If we can swing the bats better we could be competitive in the division.
  5. I think the second bullet under the listing is what is in question. If games are cancelled it counts as a win and a loss for those teams.
  6. Plug in Moose at third, Suarez SS, and Senzel at second and do not worry about it. Heck half the time you have a SS In right field anyway playing the shift.
  7. Other regions and districts are using the if you place twice scenario, it counts, I have been told that as well by other coaches. I think the first one counts only if you can not play the second one for example. I would think you are right that the second one is not being scheduled however if it is and you play it I am assuming it counts. You would be essentially punishing teams that have had a run in with Covid, and having players out.
  8. Shelby, Eminence, Henry, and Collins are 15 minutes apart, so that would be the district. Who knows what runs through the KHSAA's brain. This would make the most sense however if you guess right, you should play the lottery.
  9. I wonder if we lose to UCLA and Louisville do they make the tourney? I think it is a real possibility. I can not see them getting in if they do not win those 2. Of course they can win the SEC tourney and it is an automatic qualifier. Right now this team will go 500 in league play no question, and if they faced fans on the road like a normal year I do not think they would win a road game. Going to be a long year that is for sure. They will improve no doubt about it, we simply missed out on Cade Cunningham, and I think had some leave the Calipari did not expect to leave. Either way it will end up another year of not making the Final 4, having 3 guys drafted in the first round, and people excited about next years recruits instead of competing for a national title.
  10. The state was supposed to be on shut down, dead period for three weeks, no one was to practice until December 14th, yet they were teams practicing the whole time, with no punishment whatsoever. The whole thing is unfair to players and coaches. The coaches that do things right were excited to get back going today, and after practice frustrated that our players are out of shape and basically starting over. I feel terrible for players and coaches. Players are more susceptible to getting hurt as well. I know what our football guys have been through now, hats off to all of the fall sport coaches. Feel bad for the Louisville players and coaches.
  11. Allen has made more than one mistake before he comes out. He had 3 TO's in about 6 minutes of playing and can not guard anyone. Right now I think he is playing too many people and playing them too long. Cal does have a short leash on shooters, he is more of a drive shoot FT's, live off of transition, offensive glass guy. Game has changed and he has not unfortunately. Some coaches have their window close on their style and his has in my opinion. I still believe this team will figure somethings out but the gap between them and a team like Gonzaga/Baylor are really wide.
  12. I have also heard that as well. Practices start in January. Season in Feb-April. State tourney first week of May. Thursday will be watched closely by the whole Bluegrass.
  13. Have heard that it may be backing up to Jan 11th/18th, and adding a couple weeks on at the end, which would allow for 27 games total. Right now it is at 24. Hearing that the state tourney would be the first week of April. The aggravating thing to all of us are the other states surrounding us that are playing and we are not. Dec 14th to start back for practice is still the date everyone can continue. I know several coaches that have said they can not play a red county, so they will not be playing anyone, and I don't know how they are going to have district games for seeding if this is true. Season is in jeopardy the way our governor is ruling right now. Other states are playing and moving forward and we set idle just like we do in everything. I hope we make a decision and go with it, these kids do not deserve to be brought back Dec 14th, practice for 5 weeks to be told that the season is over in January. The damage we are doing to these kids is what worry's me.
  14. Agree that he should not be on the hot seat as of yet. However changes have to be made. If you are a 4/5 star recruit at WR would you come to UK? Absolutely not, because we do not throw the ball. No one wants to be a blocker the whole time they are here. They have to get an offensive coordinator that is better than Gran, plain and simple. Recruiting has to be better than what is currently going on, we have to get better at the QB position, WR, and TE position. Running scheme we do some good things, and have some quality backs, offensive line people, we just have to get better in skilled spots. The program is better for sure, but if you are wanting to make another step then some of these things have to change plain and simple.
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