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  1. I would throw $25 Million at him for 1 year, see if he bites. If not then I move up. If you have 3 quality pitchers you have a chance in making and being successful in the playoffs. However if you do not make a change at manager and hitting coach, then just forget it. I would not stay if I was Bauer unless those changes are made. I would of already made the change and put myself in the category of big name managers. I know Cora cheated in Boston but he did win a world series, might be someone I would look at it. I think FA will cause players to lose out on money with the Corona shortening the season. Bauer may want a longer deal, if he does I think the Reds should move on, he has thrown a lot of pitches and innings the last 3 years, long term would worry me.
  2. I would agree, Moose and Suarez were awful this year, along with Senzel because he was hurt again or sick. Our catchers were awful all year. Our SS was a major issue as well. Garcia is our answer then we are in for a long miserable next year. You can not give outs to people and we simply did that all series with our 8/9 guys. That spot came up a lot for us in this series and top of our line up. Senzel was 2-4 yesterday but after that we were 0-6, so that means 8,9, 1 just awful.
  3. Today is an all time low, just embarrassing. You can keep this pitching but I am sorry you have to go get hitters, they do not have to be big salary guys. Just people that can get hits. I would fire people tomorrow to make a statement.
  4. GO REDS!!!! They are under dogs today according to Vegas, I think we get the WWWWWWW!!!!
  5. Would of been nice to have Stephenson on this roster instead of Janikowski in my opinion. It is obvious that this team does not move runners or steal bases, so why not have a guy that can hammer it late? He is right handed and would of faired better against those lefty's in my opinion. That being said the catcher spot has to be upgraded considerably next year, and I am after Lindor from the Indians if I can get him somehow. Keep this starting rotation, and you can have a good year. However if we keep Bell I do not know if I can watch a whole year of him.
  6. Was there questionable moves by the manager? Yes!! But lets face it, the weakness of this teams is they are a bunch of hackers, not hitters. They did not score in 13 innings, to prove my point. There was plenty of opportunity. Baseball in the playoffs is pitching and timely hitting. If you can not do one of those you will be out rather quickly. The Reds have the advantage in the starting pitchers rest of they way if they pitch like they can, however can they score some runs? Yesterday it reared its ugly head on them, it might not do it again and they can win the whole thing with this pitching. In Archie Bradley's defense the old manager has not used him at all since acquiring him. He is a good pitcher, but had not pitched in forever. I do not think I would of taken our Lorenzon, but that is me. They have to take different approaches to winning than they did last night. The team I hate the most in baseball, is dead last in the league in HR, they do not have the pitching staff we do, yet the smacked the Padres yesterday because they hit the baseball (CARDS). The Tampa Rays are another team that just hit the ball, and If I had to choose a World Series champion it would be them right now. I do think whoever wins between the Reds and the Braves will face the Dodgers for a chance to go to the world series.
  7. Shogo didn’t hit lefty’s at all. Used him in a. Bad spot. I’m not saying you couldn’t have used him just not for Senzel. We didn’t need a pinch runner for Votto but if you watch the replay his dumb butt was going back to second on the hit. He’s a terrible base runner. Shogo did hit the ball ok the last 3-4 weeks of the season just terrible spot to bring him in there. I can’t stand Bell. He’s awful and managing wins close games most of the time.
  8. Couple things that just aggravate me. Taking out Senzel is mind blowing 2-4 to bring in Akiyama. Senzel has power and in a 0-0 games just no way. And wouldn’t you know it that spot came up big twice after he is out. Votto has to score on the single by Suarez Why would you not walk Freeman after all he’s MVP more than likely and you could keep double play in tact. This is the worst hitting team in baseball history and they just proved it again to me.
  9. Sims instead of Garrett and the Diamondbacks closer???? Not good
  10. Suarez, Moose, and Winker I do not think were thrown a strike today. They have not plate discipline, terrible at bats. You have first and third twice and could not score, that is just terrible. Great job by the CY winner!!!
  11. Very interesting matchups. I have no idea how the Heat will match the size advantage the Lakers have, but on the other hand I have no idea how the Lakers are going to stop dribble drive when their bigs have to guard out in the floor. Help and they will give up 3's to the Heat and if they are hitting they could be dangerous to the Lakers. Transition points will be huge in this series, missed 3's by the Heat will lead to Lebron steam rolling his way to the rim. I thought the Nuggets stayed in foul trouble and no bench cost them. I love Miami's bench so advantage Heat. I think another factor is Caldwell-Pope, he has been shooting it really good lately. I think the coaching nod goes to the Heat, making the adjustments in this series will be critical. PG for the Heat is very under rated in my opinion, he has been a stud in the bubble.
  12. The way I saw it if the Cardinals would have lost both games the Reds would have ended ahead of them for second place. It is not fair at all to the Reds, but I do like being opposite of the Dodgers. Cardinals would have finished 30-30 while the Reds would have been 31-29. A tie would have went to the Cardinals as they beat the Reds more head to head. It is post season time!!!!! LETS GO WIN IT REDLEGS!!!!!!
  13. Terry just is not very good. You have the best line in football, not just the SEC, and still makes terrible decisions. Gran has to allow him to run more, RPO in my opinion, but I think they are afraid he will get hurt. He is not a pocket passer or someone who makes decisions. UK dominated the game and still lost. Play calling was not very good. It appears the SEC is loaded with offenses after watching yesterday. Not looking good as far as wins go.
  14. I do not understand when we get to the 7th inning why we go with Antone. You have 3 guys in your bullpen that should be your 7/8/9 and you don’t use 2 of them tonight. Didn’t make any sense to me.
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