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  1. Some people need a live sports fix and soon.
  2. Why not? When the playoffs started the championship games were on Thanksgiving day.
  3. Let go by text message shows tons of class. Wonder what the deal was in all this? Since he is still teaching and coaching basketball there and the football team averaged 41 points per game I wonder what the deal was and who had the class to do it by text.
  4. To us people whom like the ponies and also party all Derby weekends are joyous. My only regret is I'm too old to fit in and enjoy the infield. 1963-78 were great years. Then I took a job in Pennsylvania and have only been there live once since then. The bright side is I'm only 70 minutes from Pimlico and have made the Preakness around 15 times.
  5. Maybe the Guard is there to keep Rick out of town.
  6. The scary thing is the Parker kid missed a week and still finished where he did. If he played that week and got 13 some of you guys would never hear the end of it.
  7. What the heck happened here. I was so far out of it a couple of weeks ago that I spent maybe 10 minutes total on my picks for the last 2 weeks combined. I guess that sums up my expertise as a high school basketball analyst.
  8. I bombed so badly the last 3 weeks it wouldn't have mattered if I had taken j'town. I managed to turn a 6 point lead into a 25 point deficit in 3 short weeks.
  9. 12 Super game-Butler 10 Semisuper game-Washington County 8-Highlands 6-East Jessamine 5-Madison Southern 3-Lee County 2-Owensboro Catholic 1-North Oldham TB-Highlands
  10. 12 Male 10 North Bullitt 8 Daviess County 6 Owensboro 5 Harlan 3 Fulton County 2 Paintsville 1 East Jessamine TB North Bullitt
  11. 12 Augusta 10 Ryle 8 Bracken County 6 Phelps 5 Ohio County 3 Holmes 2 Campbell County 1 Henry Clay TB Henry Clay
  12. 10 Fern Creek 7 Adair County 5 Paducah Tilghman 3 Ballard 2 Mason County 1 Scott County TB Mason County
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