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  1. If Sphire were to leave, it would also be an interesting referendum on the bi-monthly argument over whether the talent is still there or not.
  2. Good week to do it. Won't see anything confusing coming their way.
  3. I mean, not to get technical, but posting about not caring about it since the day, I assume you graduated, on a forum dedicated to Kentucky High School Football may not be the best way to make your point?
  4. Moving #1 around made this offense look much more dangerous. Be interesting in second half.
  5. From my time on here, and living in NKY, I think you'd get more posts if you just asked how these teams would do against Highlands. 🙂 I know several people who have kids in these programs, and are definitely aware of BluegrassPreps, but just don't seem to ever post.
  6. Question, do you guys in the know have a sense of the Offense and Defense they will be running? I'd think how much that changes, and how quickly the players adapt, may play a part in the record question.
  7. Heard some interesting secondhand feedback, aka guy at work, that the new coach was not happy about how far the weights program has fallen off. But, to his credit, was adamant that it will be fixed.
  8. I have a question that someone asked in the other thread, but is Benke the big kid that played QB for the freshmen this year? When we played that class the last few years and they had two Highlands teams, the other team had a kid who threw like 5 TDs against us in 8th grade. Is he still at Highlands?
  9. I understand what you're saying, but I have to wonder if people in Fort Thomas would count one of the two as impressive.
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