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  1. Just to chime in, and while I would like the opposite to be true, but its my understanding (FWIW) that he's happy there. He has opinions he's not shy about sharing on Twitter, but happy from a coaching standpoint.
  2. Here's my main problem with @BigErn. No less than 4 times now, I 've gone from this message board straight to YouTube to watch clips from Kingpin. Such a great character.
  3. Alright, now you guys are killing me. Man I'm going to embarrass myself with this, but there's this king, Joffrey, who is probably one of the most hated characters in TV history. Just cruel, stupid and a terrible, terrible person. But he's king. Then there's his grandfather who is kind of like the chief of staff and is the one who actually runs things and people obey. The king has this habit of constantly announcing he's king and his grandfather points out that any real king shouldn't have to constantly tell people that. Now sit down and shut up and I'll go win this war for you. I can only assume that is the scenario that Don is hinting at.
  4. Aw, come on, you're the one that got me to change how I felt about it over the weekend. I've just decided, I liked Game of Thrones, and I'm going to choose to interpret this one as the principal being King Joffrey thinking he's in charge, and finally the moneyed interests in Fort Thomas (aka Tywin) have decided to win this war for him. At least that's how I'm choosing to see it.
  5. Big Don is at it again on Twitter with the riddles. I've decided to embrace it.
  6. I guess I shouldn't be shocked, but I really can't believe this is turning into a referendum on Highlands fans not handling this well on a message board.
  7. I have a question about that, doing a google search tells me that it means the account is protected. That was defined as basically only being able to see the tweets if you follow the account. So, I didn't assume that it was locked or anything nefarious, but now, I'll just go start drinking till it all gets sorted out.
  8. He was tweeting last night during the game from @BirdsFBCoach twitter account. I think that would be pretty cavalier if he was contemplating not taking the job.
  9. Left the presser even more excited about Coach James. Good turnout of players and families on the drive to the fieldhouse and I'll be, if he didn't walk back up that driveway saying hello and introducing him and his family to every single person. Very classy move on his part. Time to go to work.
  10. I will just say that its been a real pleasure reading the comments from his Twitter and Facebook posts announcing his decision. While sad, people are effusive in their praise for him both as a coach and a leader in the community. Honestly, cannot wait.
  11. Totally fair. The conflicting part for me was that I loved Game of Thrones, so maybe I should just sit back and enjoy it.
  12. Okay, and again, with all due respect, then why the weird tweets? Because the tweets were very direct in that someone had been chosen and was on their way. But then the article says that he was offered and had the weekend to accept. Again, with all due respect (learned my lesson here) those are at least inconsistent messages.
  13. You know, that's fair, and I appreciate the fact that he's putting prep sports info out there, but I think I'm just uncomfortable with how this whole thing may be going down (I can't claim to know how it is going down). And you're also right that it's not cool to put it all on Don, but I guess I'm just stuck thinking about making sure whoever the new coach is that he gets to tell his current players, families and community that he's leaving on his terms. I may be very excited about the future, but I also want the people on the other end of this to get their time to handle it internally as well. That may be wishful thinking, I know, but still.
  14. I'm just here for the hot takes. 🙂
  15. The article said that the job had been offered and he had the weekend to "think about it." Now, if that was true, then shame on everyone associated with it, but based on the article not being there, I can only assume there was a spicy phone call from someone at Highlands to whatever the NKY Tribune is to say hey, if you ever want us to answer a call again, take it down. I mean, what was with the tweets with the riddle and riding from the South. I mean, I get it, don't get me wrong, but I'd honestly prefer a long @Colonels_Wear_Blue post as a better example of journalism than whatever this guy is doing.
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