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  1. 6 total I think…... 3 frosh, 2 jr, and 1 sr off last years team. Original most of this years seniors were going to do it including Geilear, Patterson, and Hill…….but they have decided not to.
  2. 1 kid came back that was a senior last year on Woodford’s team.
  3. Here is some good news! In addition to local tv and radio, the game will be live-streamed on hypedup.tv………the link will be posted on their Facebook page and YouTube.
  4. Here’s some good news, in addition to local tv and radio, the game will be live-streamed on hypedup.tv ………the link will be on their Facebook page and YouTube!
  5. Don’t under value Woodford’s oline, they are a force to be reckoned with. They didn’t perform well against Cov Cath and I think they will rise to the challenge SW is gonna present to them. In my opinion, this game is gonna be decided in the trenches. I do know that Woodford doesn’t have any offensive or defensive lineman that goes both ways, which has played a huge role in their success this year. I would imagine SW doesn’t either. This game is gonna have a state championship atmosphere for sure. I don’t know who it was, but someone said 5A is down this year. If that’s the case, why are 4 of t
  6. lol…..is that right? Well, we’re just honored that y’all are gonna at least make the 2 hour drive up here so we can honor your presence.
  7. ‘they will stifle WC’s run game and put more pressure on the QB than WC has seen this year.’’ Woodford has weapons upon weapons, with weapons waiting in the shadows. Some might argue that their greatest strength is their offensive line, though. The best defense they’ve seen this year by far is the fast, hard hitting Flyers of Franklin County. I hope South Warren’s defense is what you say it is, I know Woodford will embrace the challenge. I hope South Warren brings a bunch as it’s an easy drive up 65 and across the BG parkway. It should be a packed house as it could easily be a state championsh
  8. Versailles is buzzing, looking forward to this showdown! With a sub par effort plagued with false starts and special team mishaps, the Yellowjackets handled Cov Cath fairly easy. I expect them to fix these things and perform much better against South Warren.
  9. So you’re mad they scored to put the game away? lol
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