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  1. Had the good fortune to coach AJ at middle school basketball level. All the above is true. Great kid and family.
  2. HAVE to hit nail-down Free Throws as that 3-ball always seems to fall on other end.
  3. 1 Corbin 1 Scott Co 1 Warren Central 1 John Hardin 1 Campbell Co. 1 Oldham Co. 1 CovCath 1 Fern Creek Semi-Finals 2 Scott Co 2 John Hardin 2 Campbell Co 2 CovCath Finals 3 Scott Co. 3 CovCath 2018 Sweet 16 State Champion 5 CovCath Colonels TB 137
  4. I had the good fortune at ST.Pius to coach young Aiden Ruthsatz when he first moved to the area. That year began the "rivalry" between he, AJ Mayer and a scrappy blonde headed guard for Conner MS named Adam Kunkel. Ironically, Conner also had a big kid who eventually grew to 7-feet & will be playing at Xavier next year. These four & their teammates, a bunch of other good players, proceeded to have great NKMSAA battles over a (3) year period. At the time, Pius & Conner were in same district, thus played multiple times. Each has had turns getting the better of the others. To see the progress they have made in the last 7 years is unreal. My hats off to them & thanks for all the hard work & entertainment provided. Good luck fellas. Go Colonels.
  5. Bummed for all involved with Newport program. Have to look at it as a good year even though they left a little meat on the bone. As someone said earlier, HC does not pass the eye test, but they play well together. Congrats to them "Play for Clay". Newport will have (3) solid, experienced Seniors next year, looking forward to another fun ride. Go (blue) Colonels !
  6. Been to most Newport games this year & a good sampling of CCH games; would love to see them on Monday. One game at a time though. McKell & CJ on floor together would be a treat, no matter what the outcome.
  7. Dixie hit some early 3's in the first meeting allowing them to dictate pace. Once CovCath hit go ahead 3's in the 3rd quarter, they were able to play at their speed. Dixie has to keep it slow & close, hoping blue Colonels tighten down the stretch. I'm calling Dixie will get an "A" for effort, but come up short in the end. 52-45 BLUE .
  8. Just got to read this thread. Enjoyed playing game in my head again, thanks. It was a great one, Burriess deserved all the "wows' for sure, but Hall & Co. are so solid.
  9. Headed to UC / Memphis tonight. I am not very familiar with the layout, where is the best place to park (coming from N.KY)?
  10. Newport has the talent to take this one. Question is . . . have they matured enough to compete for the full (4) quarters. Hall lit them up in 1st meeting. 2nd meeting, Newport contains Hall, but NCC center had terrific game.
  11. Newport goes 14/14 on FTs Great contribution from the Williams brothers. Burries, Harding, Miller are talented players that have made steady improvement all year. Newport is fun to watch. Next hurdle . . . NCC.
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