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  1. The only struggle I saw was at QB primarily. Some minor things to clean up but that's what happens throughout the season, it's early.
  2. Then that's even better. NCC shouldn't need to take any hints or ideas from the freshman coach, if you ask me. I'm with you, nothing to see there move on and bring on Friday lol
  3. I'm going with Cooper because they changed their entire practice to show false information to the NCC "snooper" I don't know where these things get started but I know that no one at Cooper's practice said anything about NCC coaches/parents scouting their practice. At the end of the day, is NCC really gonna waste a coach during Wednesday practice to go to Cooper? If so, they got bigger problems than worrying about Cooper this Friday lol. I think Cooper wins this game for two main reasons: A. I'm a homer and want them to win, and B. Cooper is a bigger School with a little sour taste in their mouthes after last week and I really think they come out and play much improved this week! Cooper - 28 NCC - 14
  4. So, and I know we have gone round and round on this before, since Cooper's administration, Board, etc... decided to play up in 6A that makes their coaching staff unethical??? You are really reaching here Ru. And to be honest it is kind of disrespectful to call a group men unethical who had nothing to do with the decision.
  5. Please share your oh so infinite wisdom on how any of Cooper's Football Staff is unethical......
  6. I am assuming that there will be a lot of candidates for this position with what Cooper is bringing back. They have to be considered a top 3 team for the region this coming year correct? I would expect a lot of interested applicants. Heck, I don't really know baseball but I might apply just because of the talent. I do feel for Collins, those parents were vicious and no one should have to deal with that. Not very often a guy wins the program's first district title and then feels the pressure to resign. Sounds to me like the parents need to chill out a bit. I wish Coach Collins the best in whatever he decides to pursue and hopefully he it is a little bit more relaxing.
  7. He is a focal point of the passing game, but it is also very important that the young man runs his routes hard and gets open. Receivers for Cooper, along with the QB spot, struggled a little bit Friday night but it will get better.
  8. Just wondering, but what are you basing this off of? NCC got trounced in a scrimmage against Cov Cath, (which a lot of teams would so not necessarily a terrible thing) and barely beat a Scott team that is not exactly a power house. They may be better than Cooper and Conner, and will have their chance to prove it this Friday and in a couple weeks. But to say they are better with no reasoning, I don't get...
  9. Ryle had to take a small step back whenever you lose a QB like Morgan. Plus, CovCath is legit this year. Ryle will be fine
  10. I would pump the brakes on this. Highlands played pretty decent against Cooper but Cooper also provided them with a short field all night long. Cooper played god awful and Highlands took advantage of it. Don't read to much into this one game
  11. Same here, just not tonight!!! Lol Should be a nice night for some football, around 80 at kickoff and ending around low 70's according to some sites. Good luck to both teams and hopefully teams remain injury free and play solid games
  12. Heat index at some schools never went above 10 minute water breaks every half an hour. Some schools had to adjust for that but that was all I saw
  13. Yes sir, it is estimated Cooper will be over 1800 kids by 2020, hope this is true!
  14. I agree HB, but I will also add, every team would love to platoon if they have the horses to do so. Cooper has not had that luxury, and everyone kills them for it, but the numbers just aren't there to do so. I don't know of any team that has a roster of 50 that platoons. Trust me when I say this, Cooper would love to platoon, but just haven't had the numbers to do so. They put the best product on the field to help them win games and it has worked up to this point. The enrollment is still low, and that is the equivalent to the numbers. Think of it this way, Cooper sits at about 1300 with roughly 55 kids on the roster. Ryle has over 1800. The math part of that tells me that would add roughly 18ish kids to Cooper's roster if they had that enrollment which would push them to 73-77 kids give or take. You have to have the Jimmies and Joes before you put 22 different kids on the field. Cooper is building a really solid program, just not yet to the point where they can platoon. Now, as far as the game. Highlands does some things that will give Cooper fits, but the same can be said for what Cooper does. We saw last year how both offenses faired. While I wouldn't expect 52-42 again, this is a game that will be decided by turnovers and tackling, in my opinion. If Cooper can limit their turnovers I think they have a really good shot in this one. Defensively, Cooper cannot let #9 run wild, or it will be a long night.
  15. I know my good friend Coach Bob Burnett will not mind this. He is all about the extra practice time!! Lol
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