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  1. Not sure if there are other changes but beachwood/cooper shifted to Dixie at 7pm due to heat
  2. Yes, Schlarman is the #2 catcher and did a number of the non-district games. He is good but Austin appears faster on the pop and is better at not letting pitches get by. Likely Austin will be starting at regionals on Monday so people will be able to compare to others.
  3. Austin Dunn (Jr) has been primary catcher for Cooper this year. His strength is defense with solid blocking behind the plate and fast accurate throws to 2nd, etc. I have only seen a few games this year but he would have to be considered in the top group of catchers for NKy.
  4. The team is 12-10. Should be a lot better than that with the talent. Coach has made it very clear he will not talk to parents about the team so I doubt any parents have spoken up directly to him .... just kept the complaining in the bleachers. I have been to 5-6 games this season and all of the comments are based on what I saw or heard coming from the dugout.
  5. All I can say is wow..... Just found out this "Coach" cussed out my friend's son at their practice today because of the posts above. He assumed it was the boy's father who posted it and apparently had choice words for the boy to say to the father. So professional. That being said - Coach Bush - if you are reading this please "privately if need be" send me your message. Don't degrade a member of your team in front of his peers on an assumption which is wrong about who I am.
  6. He coaches third base during batting. Several times I saw him watch the batted ball roll into the outfield and just stand there admiring the hit. Problem is he forgot about the runner who was on 1st and doesn't tell him to come to third or stop at 2nd. Player has to guess and if he gets out on the play the coach yells at him even when it was the coaches fault. Also saw him yell for players to sub in late in the game after they had been pulled and could not renter in the situation. An assistant coach would have to yell no, go out and explain why not to the head coach, who would then stomp off and yell for a different kid. A lot of rules would have to be explained to him after the fact by the assistants. Another case he yelled at a kid for not running to third (similar situation to above) and told the kid he "should have been watching the ball to know he could run". This case the player was running from 1st with the hit going right down the first base line. For me, it is engrained in a player from t-ball to NOT watch the ball and listen to the base coaches.... to top it off, the assistant coaches told the player to not listen to the head coach when he made it back to the dugout. He also has the simplest signs which are known by the opposing team. Last night they were playing a team they have played several times and the third baseman watched his signs and called out the bunts and steal attempts every time. This was the guy standing next to him! Needless to say they have had more people caught stealing this year that I have ever seen in high school baseball. And this isn't even mentioning his choices in which players he plays each game..., that makes no sence either and he won't listen to suggestions from his assistants even on the field. Honestly, last years coach was disliked for a number of his decisions, but at least he knew baseball... This year has been very frustrating for the players in particular.
  7. Honestly they could go to state or be out in districts. They have won most games despite head coaching. No consistent lineup or field positions. Infielders playing outfield, never playing the best players against the best competition, and mistakes little league coaches wouldn't make... They have a football coach trying to be a baseball coach. Never played the sport himself and it shows this year.
  8. I agree, but was curious as to others thoughts and experiences. In this case, however, the team was down 7-3 and it didn’t quiet them down one bit. They ended up losing by a close score in the end.
  9. Recently experienced a new level of chatter and was curious if this is more common than I thought, as well as a question to the group as to what you feel is acceptable/sportsman like? I am used to what I would call typical dugout chatter... yelling let’s go, good eye, and other game applicable comments. Yesterday a high school team had a structured chatter going. Set chants with each throw to first or any stoppage of play. Additionally they would be yelling random comments constantly (3-4 boys always yelling at any time). The volume was always high when they were batting. The coach would even give them topics for the next inning. This ranged from restaurants to yell to fruit and vegetables. One time the coach was heard telling the boys to look up random comments on their phones to yell. It definitely raised the tension level in the air. Communication by players in the field was hard and even the umpires were having issues... losing track of count on multiple occasions. What are your thoughts on this tactic in high school baseball?
  10. Talked to thr father as well as several other parents and it does sound like the team is a bit of a mess. Everything I spoke of prior has been substantiated by other players and parents who have been at practices and the few games. They haven’t had a chance to play many games so my assumption it the coach is still trying to figure things out but the stories I am hearing.... At least the coach isn’t directly degrading my friend’s son any longer. He hasn’t played much but it is early (ie only a couple late inning inserts). I am hoping that the weather holds out so I can catch a game this weekend and see for myself is some of the other stories are true. Till then I am going to hold back comments so as to not destroy the coach. If it would be better to close this thread, feel free..... I just wanted to state that it appears this isn’t just some boy whining, but rather more to it.
  11. I talked to the Dad last night. From what he said, the son "talked to the coach". I didn't get the impression that it was a 1 on 1 discussion but more like standing next to each other in the dugout type of thing.... The dad said that things have gotten better now that they are out on the field. Seems his son is proving himself a bit with hitting and base-running during inter-team scrimmages, so that is good. He did also say his son was under the impression that one of the assistant coaches may have talked to the head coach privately about the situation (but didn't get told anything specific to back this theory up). I don't know if this story is over or not but will keep you posted if I get anything additional as the season starts. For now though it looks like the situation has cooled and success on the field is improving the situation.
  12. I have not said Union, but it is in Northern Kentucky. At this point I am not going to name the coach, as the boy and parents are working through the situation. I do appreciate the insights given here as it has spurred some interesting conversation. If/when additional information is passed on to me I'll share.
  13. I spoke with the father again last night and shared some of the insight here. He is going to work with his son to talk one-on-one with the coach again but this time speak up about how things are going - share how he played past years and what he sees is going on now. We will see how things shake from there. That may be the true indicator of where things really are at.
  14. From what they said, my first thought was that the coach was simply trying to have him quit so he could play younger players (looking to the future). But if that is the case why do all the derogatory comments, etc? There is no roster limit so the coach could simply keep him on the bench the year and play who he wants. It is unfortunate as this boy does have talent and is better than many of the "starters" there - based on my observations from last year and fall leagues. From what I saw he is a solid contact hitter with rare speed and was solid in the outfield. That is why this is confusing to me.
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