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  1. WV has had a total of 4 seniors in their previous 2 games go down with season ending injuries. All 4 major contributors.
  2. I was told no cash but they will take credit card at the gate.
  3. Carter Kroman: 23 Pts Julian Dixon: 23 Pts/14 Rbs Aaron Gutman: 20 Pts/13 Rbs Max Montgomery: 17 Pts Zach Smith: 15 Pts Connor Gregory: 7 Pts Landon Bach: 2 Pts I couldn't find stats/roster for Scott but #10 is a player.
  4. I'd say the FT difference came from Walton constantly driving to the hoop when Scott did not. Scott had a chance to win it in regulation and drew up a rushed 3 instead of driving to the basket in what would have been almost guaranteed foul/shots. 2 of the 3 crew members were in over their head. Hopefully it was just a bad night.
  5. I'm curious, would you not qualify Evangel Christian as a quality opponent?
  6. It was about their 20th cramped kid of the night. I didn’t see it as malicious more of a this is ridiculous.
  7. For the bigger school Scott’s condition and lack player rotation was embarrassing. I’d guess there were 10 plus stoppages for cramps from Scott alone.
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