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  1. I get it on 3 different devices but if I hit "what's new" it acts like I'm signed in and everything is fine.
  2. Eli's hot dogs are one of the most underrated thing around. I always get crazy looks when I drop that recommendation on people.
  3. It's way more Call of Duty than Black Out was. If you've ever played COD in the past you can pick this one up pretty easily. Warzone as a game mode is great, I'm up to about 20 wins.
  4. I received 2 deposits today, one for 1200 and one for $566. I'm single with no dependents. I imagined someone messed up and some of that money will be taken back shortly.
  5. Bailey. She's two and about 65lbs of crazy.
  6. Snoop. He's a 10 year old black lab who walks with a limp.
  7. Cena coming out in the pumps was the highlight of night 2 for me. I liked Edge & Orton but I felt like it went on for too long. I would have preferred a sprint rather than a marathon. Solid shows overall.
  8. Chicken nugget day was the best. It always came with a side of mashed potatoes.
  9. Nope. He was blocked from behind at the rim and came down awkwardly.
  10. Your vet will tell you if he's on track weight wise. Sounds like he's healthy and happy. I wouldn't be worried.
  11. I'd say it's pretty normal. Unless another dog shows him the ropes he's just winging it. How's his appetite? As long as he's eating and drinking water you should be fine.
  12. I agree, that was a brutal scene. Overall I enjoyed the movie.
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