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What's the one thing you want to see from the 2008 season?

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I thought that was probably the reason...just wanted to hear her say it.

I don't think she even knows us well enough to dislike us that much. :D:D


Actually she know some of you very well, but likes you.:D So that isn't the issue. RM hit the nail on the head. :banana:

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I'd love to see Scott do really well in football. For reasons I can't explain, I've always pulled for them. Not as much as I pull for the Birds, but they are second.



I agree with you Leather. My son played for Dixie and he had quite a few friends we knew that played for Scott over the years. I can tell you that the Scott kids always gave 110% no matter what the score or who the head coach was. My son can attest for that fact. Dixie/SK game has always been a tough battle and it would be nice to see Scott get in on the party. It would only make for better football in Kenton County.

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