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  1. Copley head coaching stints Pikeville - 1 year Greenup - 2 years Ballard - 1 year
  2. Just having alittle fun with ya. You mentioned earlier that you liked all the pregame banter, so I was playing along. I dont take comments on this site personal unless they are from Doc. LOL
  3. Prayers for you buddy, Im missing you.
  4. You guys should watch the video on UCA.com, the music messes up and the girls do the entire dance by the crowd counting. It is unbelievable. Great Job Candy and the girls!
  5. I have cursed my father on many occasions for leading me to a life of frustration and let downs. Thats right I'm a life long Browns fan. Stinking Elway! Ernest freaking Byner! Art Modell! and the list goes on and on. I really dont know if we will ever make it to a Super Bowl.
  6. The past few years this district has been slammed for being one of the worst in the state. I think this year will be a whole different story.
  7. I just searched my Directv.
  8. Major fan here. I cant wait, Ive got my DVR set for every USA match.
  9. Heard things have been going well in the weightroom at LC. I think they are heading in the right direction in Vanceburg.
  10. Dont forget about a GC team that returns almost everyone.
  11. This all sounds great. Was there a decent turnout?
  12. New Bermuda grass, new fieldhouse, and new bleachers.
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