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  1. GC has some great talent and I wish them all the best on this game and on their season. That being said, I just don't think they have the talent and size they need on the line to get their offense moving. Of course, anything can happen and I would be thrilled to be proved wrong on this one!
  2. Greenup County has started baseline testing this year for all high impact sports (including our cheerleaders).
  3. Thanks for the info Jmatt. I no longer have a son in the program but will always care and support GC Football. I know Mini camp is next week. That is usually when the rubber hits the road...keep us updated!
  4. Anyone know what the numbers look like this year?
  5. Loved this article and believe that ignorance is only enhanced by media outlets like "Fox News."
  6. I don't normally post in the political forums, but this is an issue on which I feel compelled to comment. I have always believed that President Obama was a Natural born American Citizen. I have been frustrated that in recent weeks the "birther" argument has once again become an issue. I am from Missouri and we also recieve Certificate of Live Birth forms, very similar to Obama's. When we moved to Kentucky I went to get copies of all our birth certificates and recieved a 1/2 page computerized form. You can no longer get the "long form." Just like in Hawaii (in the 1980's) Missouri passed regulations that prohibit the release of the long forms. This 1/2 page legal document was used for school enrollment, passports, drivers liscense, etc. (but I guess if I wanted to run for president I would have the crazies out against me.) President Obama had to get a "Waiver" from the state of Hawaii to get the copy of his full form. It was not something he had laying around that he refused to release. It is time for the crackpots who can't accept that Barack Obama is our president to get over it. We have more important issues to discuss. To see a copy of the White House Briefing Transcript on this very issue and why it was released NOW. go here: http://blogs.ajc.com/jamie-dupree-washington-insider/2011/04/27/more-obama-birth-certificate/?cxntfid=blogs_jamie_dupree_washington_insider
  7. Greenup County (4A) yes Certified Trainer is on site for all practices
  8. I think Coach Mullins would be an excellent selection as head coach. The program needs some continuity, not any major changes at this time. I wish Coach Copley all the best down the road. He made a great contribution to the program. Many of the things that he accomplished, over the past two years, were behind the scenes but will have a long lasting benefit to Greenup County.
  9. Nothing has been announced at Greenup and several assistants when questioned about the rumor have denied it... The GCHS Football Banquet is scheduled for Janurary 12th and IF there is an announcement I would think it would come after that date. I have always supported Copley and hope that he will not leave. The program does not need to go through another coaching change. THAT being said, there is a lot of weight to the rumor when you consider that there has not been any weightlifting at Greenup since the season ended. Last year the boys had one week off and were then hitting the weights hard. They even lifted on snow days when school was canceled. They lifted in weight class and after school. This year NOTHING. No weight class, no after school lifting...it does not bode well!
  10. Yes, I agree! If it is about production and putting up the numbers then the top regular season rusher should of made the list!!!
  11. Rowan County has a good team with multiple weapons at their disposal. Knox Central is big, physical and has a heck of a Defense. I would love to see this game. Having seen both teams play I think Knox Central will get the win.
  12. Congratulations to Knox Central. Their Defense is the real deal and as you know, Defense wins Championships. I wish them luck in the rest of the playoffs. As mentioned above, Greenup was just to one-dimensional in their attack and our defense not where it needs to be. It was a long ride home, but I still have not processed my final thoughts on our season. It is the end of an era for me, as my son is a senior, has played football for the past 11 years and will not be playing at the next level.
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