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  1. :DThere is no doubt Rowan Co will be the favorite next year, finally getting a little respect. Sorry Ashland and Elliiott, but the spotlight just got moved.
  2. :thumb:Can a player try out that wasn't on the list?? Rowan Co has several great players that arent even mentioned. Adam Wing, Junior, Corey Hunter, aka Mountain Man, 6'7. He can certainly play defense, gave Hickey the Spalding Sandwitch dudring the state Tourney.:sssh:
  3. It was a great game. Rowan held their composure under pressure. Wing is very strong and has a great no quit attitude, he is surrounded by great players and lots of tsldnt. Rowan probably has the most talented team in the 16 th region.
  4. Wow, what is happening to the lions? Have their weaknesses been exposed to the rest of the world? They are very beatable. Now the rest of the world can see it to. It's very hard for two players to carry a team.:sssh:
  5. ::sssh:I agree totally with Cover Corner, I think you hit the nail on the head with your picks, you definately got it right.:thumb: 1.Rowan 2.Ashland 3.Elliott 4Wes Carter 5 Everyone else........
  6. Very nice game for the Vikings, but there is still room for inprovement. They still are not where they need to be in their season, but they seem to keep improving with every game. Rowan vs Elliott Co on Friday night. we need preditions on this one.
  7. :thumb::ylsuper:Rowan Co won pretty handily last night against East Carter. Any thoughts on that game.
  8. :eek:Rowan was just off their game that night. Ii think they learned a valuable lesson, that you can't look past anybody. Menifee played very hard, very scrappy, were quicker that night than Rowan Co. It was definately a shocker, Rowan just wasn't playing up to their true capabilities. Hopefully, this is a blessing in disguise. It will be pay back time when Menifee Co comes to Rowan Co next week to play on Wed. for Senior night. Any predictioins on that one???:popcorn:
  9. Just in case you missed it, you can still see the game on line on Wazoo Sports.com. As far as what the announcers said about the last second foul, they called it a foul, and Rowan Co should have been at the free throw line for three shots. GRC definately had a home court advantage and overlooked Rowan Co's talent. GRC pushed, fouled and charged there way to the last .5 sec without fouls being called against them. Just watch the game for yourself and you'll see what I am talking about. No crying, just fact. Hats off to Rowan Co for a great effort.
  10. :thumb:I don't think Rowan Co will give in to Mason this year. Rowan is a very determined ball team and hard to rattle. They have played ball a long time and know the ups and downs and stay focused and just keep battling, so I think it is going to be a very close game, good game, but I think Rowan has more all around talent.
  11. Any thoughts? The Rowan Co Vikings gave Clark Co something to think about tonight. Came within two points of winning. If you watch the last play on Wazoo Sports, I think you will see the Viking player got fouled on the three point shot, with no call. Vikings were in a position to win the game. Congratulations to the Vikings for a very good show.:thumb:
  12. :dancingpaWell boys and girls the Rowan Co Vikings just rolled all over Bath Co tonight by 30. 66 to 36. This will be a good test for Rowan to see where they are at in their season. Definately Clark Co has the advantage, I see Clark Co as the Golliath and Rowan Co as David. You know what happened in that senario.
  13. :thumb:Wow, Rowan won tonight by 30. 66 to 36. Rowan held Dye to 4 points, he was invisible.:isurrender:
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