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  1. KC leads 21-7 at the half. Russell Co. scored on a pick 6 on the 2nd play of the game. Pretty much all Central after that.
  2. Rockcastle has been gradually coming back for the past 3 seasons and may finally be back to the Rock of old. Should be a dogfight in the district this season.
  3. Sounded as if KC dominated the trenches. Central's linemen are not only big and strong but mobile. Skill positions are not too shabby either. Jermel Carton rushed for 199 yards and 4 touchdowns. Qb Jaxon Stewart went down with an ankle injury in the 3rd but backup Blevin Campbell more than picked up the slack.
  4. Big night for the Wayne, Rockcastle, Knox Central district
  5. I voted for Knox Central but in all honesty, I think that despite having a very good team, there is a real possibility that the Panthers could be begin the season 0-3 or even 1-4. It's a tough schedule built to gain experience for a deep playoff run from a team that some are saying may be the best KC team ever. Time will tell.
  6. Right. I'm not sure why Coach Russell elected to go for it that early, on a wet field, and on the KC side of the 50. That and the KC fumble inside the 5 yard line when it looked like they were going in for the winning score, made all the difference. Overall, a good effort against a 6A team that should pay dividends later.
  7. Agreed. Now 8-7 at the half after Knox Central's Blevin Campbell returns a punt for the TD.
  8. They'll need to be to post a decent record considering their schedule.
  9. Final score means nothing in this one. Panther starters scored on each of their drives in the first 15 minutes while holding Bell to negative yards and no first downs until Coach Russell elected to empty the bench the rest of the way.
  10. Bell County @ Knox Central August 12 7:30
  11. Knox Central opens with Madison Central in the Roy Kidd Bowl, followed by Waggoner in the Cumberland Falls Pigskin Classic @ Corbin, before taking on Southwestern in Clay County's Appalachian Bowl. They have a hard time finding opponents for regular season games and the bowls give games plus revenue. Sucks to only play 3-4 home games a year but it is what it is.
  12. I probably should say that I've been told he is injured. I have no verification that he will not play. I would rather he did.
  13. It's a different game this time. For some reason, Knox Central had decided to be a passing offense in the first game, but no longer. Still, it was anyone's game until KC started turning the ball over most notably a pick six that sealed it. Wayne Co. had an outstanding running back who did most of the damage that they lost to a collarbone injury against Rockcastle. It'll be tight but I expect Knox Central to come out on top 21-14.
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