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  1. This was one of the ideas that was given at Buffalo Trace, was that everyone would get "sick" in the family and they could all use their allotment for the "medicine", even the cats and dogs were given whiskey.
  2. Go to Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, KY, go on the Burbon Trail - we did that last summer. Become a Maker's Mark Ambassador and have a barrell with your name on it, Mr. Mom55 has that and will go this summer to buy some from that barrell. The history of these places is remarkable and you can read all about it but it is different once you go there. You can also find out the reason whiskey/burbon can be sold in drug stores.
  3. I agree, omg, I would be frozen in some of these places. We keep it at 69 - helps my husband breath easier(COPD). I have 2 sweatshirts on, flannel pants, wool socks and usually have my down furry blanket on me as I watch tv.
  4. Family and Consumer Science Teacher(use to be known as a Home Economics Teacher)
  5. Wonderful, wonderful news, God is indeed Good. Have a Merry Christmas at home with your family.
  6. Great news, prayers going out to the PH Family. They are good people and we need more like them around.
  7. I wondered about this too, but then it seemed like he was trying to cheer up his best friend with his lack of dancing skills, maybe?
  8. Went to see it and was very thrilled with it. I enjoyed all the scenes but was cried when Dobby died. I knew it was coming but still.
  9. Going to go see the movie tonite(Sunday), I started reading the book at 10:00 Saturday night and just about finished it just now 3:20. Both sons say that it was excellent so I can not wait to see it. I have read #7 2 times before.
  10. Good Luck to Russell. I should be rooting for the local team but I've known Philip Haywoods family all my life. His mother and mine were very good friends and co-teachers. I think Belfry will win this because of the home advantage. Hope for a good game and injury free for both sides.
  11. I believe he started in Prestonsburg in 1960, he was at Wayland and taught King Kelly Coleman and then moved to Virginia for a couple of years. I've always loved Prestonsburg, we lived in Maytown and then I graduated from Allen Central in the first class in 1973.
  12. Congratulations Prestonsburg. My very first football game was when my dad, a teacher at PHS took me to Prestonsburg vs. Russell approx 1962 or 1963.
  13. When I saw this post, I had to say something concerning the other teams that has played at Greenup County. The measure of a man is determined whether he continues on after the "failures", how he continues on. Both of my sons played football at Greenup, the oldest son graduated in 2007 and the youngest in 2009. These were not good seasons, with new head coaches, new athletic directors, new administration and many other "new" things going on. I am very proud of my two sons, they never quit, walked off the field, threatened to quit, or as far as I know disrespectful to any coach. They loved football, they weren't the stars of the team, they just wanted to play and they did play. Now one is a senior at Morehead State, a geology major and tells us he has plans to join the Navy and become an officer, the youngest is a Sophomore at Ashland Community College and wants to be a Special Ed teacher and football coach. They took something from those "bad" seasons and learned from that and they still are proud of being a Greenup Musketeer, they were thankful for the opportunity that was given to them. I love football but it still is a game and I'm glad my sons took the lessons they learned from football. Now to the original question, was this a disappointing year, maybe but ask any mom or dad in the stand they will tell you it was a great season to see their son play football for their home team. This probably sounds "corny" and "stupid" to some of the die hard fans but sometimes you need to step back and be thrilled that you have healthy sons that can play football, some parents are not that lucky.
  14. An excellent article on Lyle in the Ashland Paper today, I don't know how to post the article but it was very good. Good luck on Friday night, I've got to admit that last game at Mason County or them at GCHS is one thing I don't miss being involved with GCHS football.
  15. We've been together for 23 years and he snores and kicks and has nightmares but I'm still hanging in there with him. Since he has had cancer he has had nightmares and kicks but I just can't imagine not being there for and with him. Now, do I get much sleep no but that's ok, I love him.
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