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  1. We got this...Belfry was in trouble after the Johnson Central game. Gave up 26 to both Nelson and Waggener had to be a red flag. Then they lose their best player on both sides of the ball and then the QB and possibly another key player? Take that from any team and see what happens...Other than the WV teams, Belfry played a fairly weak schedule, they were not the team they have been the past 4 years, they were a very good team though. Central is a very good team, not as good as the margin of the Belfry game, but very good. They also have a first year head coach...Scroggins is gone...Greer’s defense will be prepared for anything. Haddix offense will have many new wrinkles they haven’t shown yet. This will be a good game but look for the hounds to leave Louisville with a win.
  2. I think with all that Belfry lost from last season they were closer to the rest of the pack. Schedule wasn’t very strong this season so I had doubts about them. Then last night they are without their best player, probably on both sides, then losing a couple other key players early is a recipe for disaster. I think you could replay that game many times and Central wouldn’t put up more than 30 very often. Central is getting way too much credit for running up the score on an injury riddled team. Imo
  3. Wayne 21-0 at the half. Corbin -28 total yards.
  4. Corbin fumbles on their own 10 and Wayne recovers. Still 7-0 Wayne :27 to go 1st
  5. First possession Corbin goes 3 & out... Wayne scores on their first play from scrimmage....about a 50 yard screen. Second Corbin possession 3 & out. Negative yardage on both possesions
  6. touchdown Bell.....7-0 with under :15 to go
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