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  1. Great comeback win--Showed a ton of heart. Hope Hagens gets back soon, as I heard this was definitely a coach's decision due to a legal issue. Hope he learns from this experience?
  2. I tend to agree with some on here not calling for the anointing of Burrow as the next great QB automatically? For those of you not as old as I, look back through the long, long list of Heisman winning QB's and find me a HOF'er? Staubach in 1963? For every Carson Palmer, Cam Newton or Sam Bradford (good, but hardly great QB's) there's Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, Jason White, Matt Leinert, Troy Smith, Tom Tebow, RG III & Johnny Manziel. Jury still out on Jamis Winston, Mariota, Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray & Lamar Jackson. And these are only since 2000. Point being, just because you were a great college QB & Heisman winner; rarely translates to a transcendent talent, especially at QB. If I were the Bengals' GM (I know Mikey's the GM) for a day or so; I'd have dumped AJ, Dalton (Bears?) & maybe Eifert if there were a taker (NE?)back earlier this year, when some desperate team might have overpaid for them & admit I'm rebuilding and start over. Then if I was convinced Burrow is the next Brady (which I hope he is, seems like a great kid); then take him and still have high picks left over to fill some of the many other holes (might also have some extras for next year too, as rebuilding takes a few years). I think the fanbase would embrace a reboot far better than the constant trying to compete (which they rarely do), and never really retooling the entire team. The coaching staff deserves a full blown rework with their own players if the Brown family truly has faith in them.
  3. Tua makes more sense for the Mike Brown’s as we know Bengal first rounders rarely play until at least year two?
  4. Never underestimate the power of the worst run professional sports' franchise!! :lol:
  5. If Mikey ruins Burrows' life by selecting him with the #1 pick, it's almost guaranteed he'll turn into Ryan Leaf, Part II.
  6. Don't understand the enthusiasm for the Bengals to get the number 1 pick? I've got zero (0) confidence they will do anything but screw it up!
  7. The Heat sound like they're not parting with Herro or Bam.
  8. So since it seems Cal might be the best coach ever (since he's able to win 35 games every year with inferior talent??); is there any news on the Dante visit; seems like crickets all weekend?
  9. I think officially he "put his name in the transfer portal", not announced he's gone yet? Leaves him several options, but I'd expect he's looking to go somewhere he can play more.
  10. Nick Richards coming back certainly helps the thinness of the roster regarding big men; but think they still need at least one more big to have a more complete lineup.
  11. Bengals will get roasted (and rightfully so) if Drew Lock turns out to be a player for Denver; as they gave him up for a blocking TE (which they already have 2) and a couple of throw in picks. While Pitt ruined their LB plans in the first, this seems to be a very uninspiring draft so far for a team, which having just returned from Vegas; is one of the longest to win both the AFC & Super Bowl. Guessing they'll move further down with the Miami & AZ moves.
  12. Glad to see this and confirm Virginia actually won? Tuned in for "One Shining Moment" and thought that team that Zion Williamson played on had won, since he was in about half of the highlights??
  13. Admittedly know very little about the AAF, but wondered why the scoring sounds quite low? Thought this was more akin to Arena League, CFL, etc.; than a defensive battle?
  14. Have to agree with you TAC--Would have loved to have seen Brossart included in this tourney. The '03-'04 Brossart freshman team was clearly the best team in NKY that year; going 24-2 with the only losses to Elder at Elder by 4, and to a powerful Scott County team in Lexington by 1. Won the 10th region championship going away, and beat the Kaelin Champs CovCath by 18. Went on to be a pretty good team in '07!!
  15. Voted for Rex, because always thought he got a raw deal here, but will be happy for either one of them. Just glad that both of them got a reprieve from the "Mike Browns".
  16. Was at a party tonight and all agreed he's the best--Love his insight "before" the play!!
  17. Thrilled for Rex to get free of the Bengals and get to the Big Show!! Go Rex!!
  18. Good game, but sad to see it decided by horrible officiating. Thrilled for Whit to get free of Mikey's grasp & finally get to the SB--Well deserved, but sad for Brees & company to get screwed out of a trip to the big game--Especially when there were two obvious penalties, not just one!!
  19. While what many of the students did was wrong and very insensitive at the very least; but the responses. comments, overblowing of the facts, etc. that I saw on Twitter yesterday are equally as disturbing. The lynch mob mentality of those comments are quite concerning, especially as to any type of meaningful dialogue on this issue. Civility in the US is at an all time low in my lifetime--There is no discussion, only one side or the other! Quite Sad!!
  20. Congrats to the Mustangs, and best of luck tomorrow--Hope the weather holds out to ge this one played.
  21. While in no way am I condoning the actions of the CCH students, I am finding it interesting that in looking for the "other side of the story" this evening and after seeing several videos on Twitter claiming to show the full story (One a 9 minute video clearly showing the Indian gentleman in question walking into the crowd of students, followed by several folks obviously not with the CCH contingent videoing the event & seeming to instigate a confromtation); those videos have conveniently disappeared from Twitter when I went to show them to others?? Not ready to claim conspiracy or bias from the "Twitterverse" yet; but I do find it intriguing the the opposite point of view had mysteriously disappeared and is non-existent on the platform?? Thoughts??
  22. Since when did Mikey care about what the fans or media think?
  23. Almost felt like that was a move for the future, not this game; but almost worked out for them. He really needs to find a way to at least keep defenses honest with the pass to succeed. Interesting future for most of the AFC North!
  24. Good luck to the 'Boys next week in LA--They'll need it. Feel for those who gave the points.
  25. Bears' pathetic offense, last minute clock management and play calling led to this defeat. Folks must have major mojo following him around?
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