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  1. Then you really don't understand what was going on here....so just stop
  2. ....but he did tell them not to shoot, and they did anyway. I wonder what kind of reflection that is ?
  3. I will assume every team has a set offense or series of plays they run....pull up 3's in transition, up by 40 is not any of that
  4. No, just should have showed some class and run some offense...
  5. He didn't until after they had dropped all the bombs. Your logic doesn't make the situation right. Even the coach wanted them to run offense, but they didn't listen to him.... The reason St Pat is getting criticized for this game is their behavior in this game....attempting to justify it by other scores is non-starter for sure. It was unnecessary, and if you think that it was ok, then you clearly have a distorted picture of sportsmanship. Oh, and Welcome to BGP....glad to see you could show up to attempt to defend the team actions.
  6. We miss you Jimmy...wish you would come around more often, but I know that Piqua needs you on a daily basis. :banana:
  7. Heard this was likely going to be the hire a couple weeks ago....got mixed feelings about it. This is a wait and see for me...
  8. Young man is living his dream since grade school....I'm sure he hates to leave Big Blue, but his upside is incredible. Good for Luke
  9. ....and I refuse to check in when the wait is more than 12 minutes, because that typically means there are at least 3 - 4 waiting. Irrespective of app check in, I refuse to wait more than about 5 minutes to get a haircut....there's a Home Depot right down the way that I can actively browse until the crowd clears out
  10. I "get" the entire thread....my posts are tongue in cheek (which is an old saying for some of the younger crowd that assists in pointing out irony) about how each generation perceives change differently, either good or bad and frequently depending on your cultural perspective. The problem is that it's not black and white most of the time...some good, some not so good.... As long as I get the person I want to cut my hair, I don't care how I check in...I often let people go ahead of me to get the stylist I want, because some of them just can't cut hair at all.... Letting people go ahead of you, when you are checked in really screws up the group milieu for those that are waiting patiently....
  11. If they call your name, and you are not in the waiting area, next up is next up....unless you are specific about who cuts your hair (which I am) in which case you have to determine how long your preferred stylist is going to take with the person in the chair..... Getting a hair cut is one of the most stressful activities I have every 2.5 weeks.....
  12. You kind of missed my point, but I'll own it for clarity sake.... Prior to me being forced into using the app, I would do exactly what @Mustang did...drive up, walk in, check in, sit down and wait my "turn"....but then the app happened, and I wasn't a part of the ability to be able to make my "turn" happen sooner.... The real point of my post was that I actually loaded an app and use it regularly...but only for Great Clips....and only because places like Great Clips have ruined barber shops...which is where all the good stories and community engagement use to happen... Summary: I gave up and gave in...now I get a true sense of entitlement when I am already checked in before I walk in...
  13. Drive an hour and a half to Hazard....get your haircut in 10 minutes...great thing :banana:
  14. I had to adjust to the Great Clips check in app....because my rage wouldn't allow me to be civil when I walked in and waited, then got bumped.... I actually use it now, but only to prove I can load and use an app on my smart phone to my millennial kids.....
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