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  1. The KHSAA schedule has been corrected. Brian Weinrich confirmed the Scott game is at Highlands.
  2. Hang in there Bluebird supporters. I know these last couple seasons have been tough to watch. After the loss to Conner, someone posted, "Is this program going to be a powerhouse ever again?" on another site. I was sitting with JOAT at a girls basketball game last month and wondered the same thing. I honestly thought the 2019 squad would build off the uptick from the 2018 season, but for different reasons, it did not happen. Why's that? People can have their opinions on it. You can always vent to me privately if you want. I'll gladly listen. I still believe it will be a matter of not "if" this program will become a state power again, but when? In the meantime, supporters can be proud of the combined swimming and diving state championship
  3. I personally do not like the current format because I feel the best teams should have the chance to play each other in later rounds. But like it has been said, no system is perfect.
  4. Highlands is now 49-22 all-time against Covington Catholic. The next win by the Bluebirds over the Colonels will be the 50th against them.
  5. It is funny this is being talked about because I gave a Lyft ride to former Highlands punter JC Mettens on Saturday night. Mettens talked to a former player from two years ago. The former player told him something that reminded me of a column in Fort Thomas Matters years ago. I'm not pretending to have the answers. But here it is. FORT THOMAS MATTERS: Highlands, NewCath Football Entitled?
  6. You heard right. Huddy really lit into the team. He said it’s not all on the offense either.
  7. I could see Highlands moving up the 9th Region totem pole at the least. Have they closed the gap with St. Henry, Cooper and Notre Dame any? We'll see. All the current players have come up with the Little Birds volleyball program starting with the senior class led by three-year starting seniors Casey Dunn, Ava Hockney and Audrey Graves. This could be the deepest team Katelyn Sallee has ever had entering her sixth season as head coach. Sophomore outside hitter CC Shick also returns after starting last year. Seniors Rylee Kirschenbaum and Brooke Biltz also return along with junior Laura Winkler and sophomore Nicole Ossege. Sophomores Madison Clore and Sophia Sarakatsannis saw valuable time on varsity as a result of injuries so it could be an exciting fall in Fort Thomas.
  8. Seeing Highlands play Knoxville Catholic in a bowl game at Corbin then spending quality time with my wife. The Bluebirds have never played a team from Tennessee. Brian Weinrich set this bowl up with Corbin Head Coach Justin Haddix. I spoke to Justin before the Highlands at LexCath game last year. Great guy.
  9. I predict a good tournament. The draws panned out the way I'd have had them if the seeding process I drew up in my head came to fruition (long story). I agree it is Ryle's tournament to lose. But as Michael Jordan once said, "You have to prove yourself each and every time you step out on the court."
  10. The new OC for Highlands is Sam Umberg. I heard it straight from Zach yesterday. Zach will still be on staff as an offensive assistant.
  11. It was a great game. I hate that Kansas City did not start out the game better offensively and there was no reason for that not to happen. NE had the 12th-worst defense in the NFL. This was the huge difference in the game. Yes, I HATE the Patriots. I do not care how many wins Bill Belicheat gets, he DOES NOT win with class.
  12. I am so sick of calls going in favor of the Patriots. Geez!!
  13. Huge stop on fourth down for Chiefs!! Come on, Kansas City!!
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