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As the World of Participation trophies turns, the 39th district draw was held in an undisclosed location today. But luckily, the Head Honcho was there! There was a brief discussion on the motion to seed, and somehow, the vote was split 2-2. I was hoping that Coach Hinson would be able to talk some sense into the AHS admins, but no luck yet.


Regardless. The draw-ers drew the draw-ers and the seed voters drew the seed voters.


Just wish they would settle it on the court like the other 62 districts with half a brain do!


But it’ll be Mason v Bracken and St Pat v Augusta for a shot at the district, and the ultimate; a trip to the regional.


Some of the luster of a 10th region tourney trip is lost this year since its not at the field house, but alas, I believe in the Polar Bears!

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So the draw-ers technically got what they wanted by not seeding. Could make for a very interesting district finals no matter who wins in the first games.


The head honcho is holding his breath it’s Augusta v Bracken round 3! They will have to put that game on ESPN for all the people who will want to watch!

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Well. I’m so pumped up fired up hype for my Polar Bears I couldn’t type a good word! So let’s try this again!!


Check out this statement from Coach Reed on his Facebook. If it doesn’t light your fire your wood is wet!


“ Got to be a part of my first BLIND DRAW!!! Lol comedy!!

What A Complete Joke!!

I've played in 100 aau tournaments

St pat league (2nd thru 6th grade league)


Every one of these things I've been a part of you SEED the tournament!! You always want the best teams in the finals!! COMMON SENSE!


Not here in the 39th in the 39th we allow ppl not even playing the games make decisions that impact our kids basketball experience!!


Please don't say it's about money!!


Mason/Bracken vote to SEED

St Pat/Augusta vote to DRAW”


Let’s go!!

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I’m for seeding...But if you honestly cannot see why the small schools vote for the draw, then you don’t understand that the Administrators at those schools are honestly voting to do what’s best for their kids. A first game win and a chance to play in the Regional Tournament may be the highlight of some of those kids HS career.

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I also a firm believer that any district that seeds the teams should play each other home and home like the 31st.

As important as seeding is it should not be predicated on which team has the home court that season.


I'm 100 % with you. But I still have no problem with a blind draw.

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