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  1. Great game! Both teams answered multiple times...get the link and watch this one!
  2. I have tried to buy the last 2 games from Cov Cath Livestream for $10 but the only option available was for $100 for full season. Can anyone at CCH fix this? Has to be costing you guys some $$.
  3. Are Cov Cath games streaming on video this season?
  4. Liking Highlands at home. Sam Vinson is the real deal and should make a run for Mr. Basketball this year. Luke Muller is a big guy who can fill it up from 3. Highlands gym would typically be rocking for this game..intresting to see what the crowd is like with corona. Will this game be broadcast online?
  5. No..that one is different..good though. The Papa D's in Hebron was in a strip mall off of North Bend road..just was gone one day...really miss it but I will try some of the places listed here to try to get a new favorite.
  6. I used to drive to Hebron for Papa D"s...best pizza I ever tasted...anyone know if they relocated or is it gone forever?
  7. Great mix tape...especially a fan of the "catch in midair at halfcourt sideline..cross court on the money over the head bounce pass without coming down at 1:35. High school junior..right! Seen enough Outofbounds?
  8. Her stats may have been a bit off this year because she played limited minutes with an ankle injury in the beginning of the year. She had younger players this year that she worked with and made a big part of the team..giving them confidence by getting them shots, unselfishly passing on her scoring opportunities. Maddie can dominate a game without shooting but when game is on the line she will take over. I hope we do get a few more games to witness her brilliance at Rupp..if not I will be a Lady Ducks fan next 4 years. Thanks for the show Maddie!
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