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  1. Tough one for Boone. Heart goes out to Parker Fields who played great through some difficult years at Boone. Thought ball should have been in his hands for last 2 possessions...might have made a difference.
  2. Congrats to Scotty and the Draud family! Indelible stamp upon 9th Region basketball.
  3. That is great news. Those guys do a great job...looking forward to it!
  4. The 9th region is fantastic this year. The 3 final four and championship games really deserve some quality production presentation either streaming or local TV. What's up Joe Danneman? Think you could get 19 to buy in? I would love to watch you do those games...big fan of what you do with the highlights. Does anyone know what is planned?
  5. The 33rd district has completed their games against each other. Conner was 3-0. Boone, Ryle, and Cooper were all 1-2. Does anyone know what tiebreaker is used to determine seeding?
  6. Those that didn't buy it....Forgot about Wyatt!! A game to remember for him and his senior buddies!
  7. I would love to know who decided to use the word "cancelled" rather than "rescheduled" to begin with followed by announcing no refunds right behind that. It sure seems this was handled very badly because it snowed some..unless it's true as some suggested in this thread that whoever was running this tournament was lookung for an out. If that is the case it raises more serious questions about the leadership here. This is not run by KHSAA correct? Who is in charge?
  8. Word. Would Lesley county's girls team want to reschedule tournament games to try to finish the tournament?
  9. How about a little thought and effort to get this done? "Dog sleds" might be a little disrespectful to these kids don't you think? Honestly can not be that hard to finish this in next 2 months. If anyone wants my help please let me know...be glad to.
  10. Crazy! Let those games stand and fill in the rest. The kids in this tourney practiced this game for their entire lives..dealt with covid..and deserve better. Missing Stan Steidel right about now. Can we please figure out a way?
  11. It sure seems this could be fixed. Couldn't they play on school sites by closest regions to get down to a final four to be played...even in one day..in a college arena? The final four could be played even the week after the state tourney...or boys opposite girls and vice versa. There has to be many ways they could get this done.
  12. https://team1prep.com/ky/?S=RyleRaiders
  13. Tyler Bush was not surprised. Big weekend for him. If he decides to be who can be then Ryle can compete.
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