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  1. I've seen agendas like this before, the decision has already been made. The meeting is just a formality.
  2. Tough break for the Cougars who lead for most of the game. Some very questionable calls went against them throughout the 4th quarter. They deserved a better called game.
  3. It will forever be a draw now, Bracken caved from their stance of not playing.
  4. Robertson County better contend for a region, if not state title with all that talent.
  5. Its laughable that anyone defends drawing.
  6. They may have to, no county in the state likes basketball more!
  7. Jason Hinson comes back to the Igloo and names wins going away.
  8. Game was closer than expected. Thought it would be more in the 20 point range like it almost was.
  9. He was in a tough district and played Russell (they were not in district until last season) and Raceland outside of district play.
  10. This was a very rough game. The officials really let them play, multiple times players were pushed or dove on during lose balls. Would be 15 yard penalties in football.
  11. I didn't think the Bears would hang around in this on.
  12. I didn't think the Bears would hang around in this on.
  13. Good for him. A top 20 job, should be hard to screw up.
  14. Will be very interesting to see how Robertson does when playing some competition.
  15. May just be a super fan. Nothing wrong with a little humor.
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