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  1. I've seen agendas like this before, the decision has already been made. The meeting is just a formality.
  2. Can't think many will. Had chances at great jobs and backed out of both.
  3. For Fairview? Wow! Leaving top 5 single A job.
  4. Tough break for the Cougars who lead for most of the game. Some very questionable calls went against them throughout the 4th quarter. They deserved a better called game.
  5. It will forever be a draw now, Bracken caved from their stance of not playing.
  6. Robertson County better contend for a region, if not state title with all that talent.
  7. They should at least see if Eli Florer is interested. Would be a "touchdown" hire!
  8. Its laughable that anyone defends drawing.
  9. They may have to, no county in the state likes basketball more!
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