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  1. Can't think many will. Had chances at great jobs and backed out of both.
  2. For Fairview? Wow! Leaving top 5 single A job.
  3. Tough break for the Cougars who lead for most of the game. Some very questionable calls went against them throughout the 4th quarter. They deserved a better called game.
  4. It will forever be a draw now, Bracken caved from their stance of not playing.
  5. Robertson County better contend for a region, if not state title with all that talent.
  6. They should at least see if Eli Florer is interested. Would be a "touchdown" hire!
  7. Its laughable that anyone defends drawing.
  8. They may have to, no county in the state likes basketball more!
  9. Jason Hinson comes back to the Igloo and names wins going away.
  10. Eli Florer who currently is an assistant coach at Holmes would be a good fit.
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