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  1. Nice win for the Braves at Owen. Mason Guffey and Teegan Moore each had 24 to pace their teams.
  2. Nice win the those Young Braves at Newport.
  3. The weather has wreaked havoc this week and could be worse next week. This will make it very tough for some to get near a 30 game schedule. Some coaches are scrambling to try to find games.
  4. Great win for those young Braves. Sophomore, Guffey has 14, handled the point and had some huge plays for Grant. A buzzer beater at the half and a thunderous oop dunk. Ziegler goes for 15 and hits a huge 3 in the 4th. Fun night in Dry Ridge.
  5. Those young Braves pull out a nice win over North Oldham.
  6. Hardin did play and had 15. Hammonds has 28 and 13. Guffey had 22 on 5-7 from 3, along with 7 assists. These two sophomores from Grant can play.
  7. I really like the sophomores on these two teams. Owen has Moore who does everything for his team. Big, strong, athletic who plays very hard. Shot the ball pretty well in this game. Grant has Hammonds who is similar to Moore. Strong athlete who goes and gets everything. Guffey who is a 6'5" long athletic guard. He shoots it well (although not real well this game), Has really good court awareness and had a nice backdoor dunk. Wills is a 6'9 big for GC who has a ton of potential. He can move and has really good hands. Going to be a fun next few years watching these two teams grow and develop.
  8. Because they will play each other in the regular season.
  9. I also believe that this format would be better suited for the entire region: For example: It drives me crazy how coaches vote for an all region team when they probably haven't seen every kid in the region. This would enable every coach to see every player.
  10. I get your point. I think if you give the top 4 teams in the region first round byes, you would have some terrific first round games.
  11. Love the idea of no district tournament. Wish they would mandate playing everyone in the region and then seed. Sure would make scheduling easier.
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