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Franklin-Simpson 30 South Warren 24


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FS had 44 rushes for 143 yards 1 TD

16 of 34 pass attempts 271 yards and 3 TDs

Scored on a blocked punt safety

Total offense of 414 yards


SW rushed 20 times for 21 yards 1 TD

11 of 20 pass attempts, 2 interceptions, 266 yards and 2 TDs

Good on a 30 yard FG

Total offense of 287 yards


I will need to watch the video to be clear on penalties but SW was flagged for several. Especially Pass interference. Some were TD saving penalties though that eventually proved to be the best choice as FS failed to score 3-4 times in the red zone.


Neither team had anything left when the clock hit 0:00. If there are two better AAAA teams I will have to be convinced.

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