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  1. Give a 💩....that's what that is. Just good ole' fashioned, Give a 💩
  2. Check that guy out!! Yep. She sure was. 🙂
  3. Where did you find that?!? I've never even seen that one! :) Also...."Holcomb" at the end? That's Coach Mike Holcomb's late father, Joe. He was the basketball coach at OKH, and then Papa Joe would help him out. Dad and Coach (Mike) Holcomb went 1st grade-6th grade together, then obviously joined the KHSFB coaching ranks about the same time. That's how long their (our) close friendship goes back.
  4. In a way...he'd almost be his own boss, and it would just be one year of it or two at the most. Her contract won't be renewed and/or she'll hit the road on her own accord. As for the principal? I don't know how much he even had to do with it, but he is either right at retirement years or maybe even past it. The previous principal was fired by this same super for not firing an employee (Super wanted this person gone, put it on the previous principal who everybody LOVED...she didn't fire the person, Super then let her go), so he very well may just have gone along with it for the sake of saving his job.
  5. I personally don't think there would be any better time to do so than now- What could they do to him realistically if he got the job back? Ball is in his court now. Super has one more year left on her contract.
  6. Breathitt County 51-0 over Corbin 2002 Danville 42-7 over Beechwood in 2003 **Should probably go in the "Coaches Quote" thread, but following the Danville win....Coach Harp took my dad (Marty Jaggers, then Offensive Coordinator) into the press conference after the game...reporter made the comment/asked dad... Reporter- "Coach Jaggers. You all only attempted one pass in the game, comment on winning as big as you all did despite not being very BALANCED." Dad- "I think we were really balanced....this RB had 26 carries for over 200+. The other RB had 27 carries for over 200+." 🤣
  7. Granted....it was two years from the time I was fired (was then stated/made public I resigned), but the same Superintendent that fired me in December of 2014 at LaRue County was the same one that reached out, "ok'ed" on hiring me back in April of 2017. I never hesitated on taking the job back. I worked for him again just for the first year back, 2017-2018. We squashed things. Shook hands. Moved on. But again....it was a 2 year hiatus deal there, not the matter of weeks/month(s). I hope it happens.
  8. Same here, and I HOPE like no other that this happens.
  9. Bob Sphire just resigned this morning at Camden County, GA.
  10. He was also the HC at Hancock County in '99-'00, led Hancock to the Class A State Runner Up- coached '99 Mr. Football, Travis Atwell. 01-02 he was the HC at Dunbar- lead them to a 4A State Semifinal appearance 03-04 it was Campbellsville UNIVERSITY. He went 15-7, including a 9-2 season in 03 Then went to Anderson and they were a complete, total floating dumpster fire when he took over.
  11. Absolutely it does and quite honestly, it should... For years basketball programs get the same financial budgets at most ALL school's as well, despite carrying LESS kids and bringing in less money (boys and girls gates COMBINED sometime equal those of football, but it usually takes BOTH together)
  12. Ehhh....maybe the year that matches their total enrollment?! ....maybe?
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