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  1. They can compete for district and region titles. That’s where you start and that’s a good thing.
  2. Coach!! Best of luck and one helluva ride! Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done for football in our state and all of us coaches.
  3. Class A and 2A have some of the blueblood, independent schools (and, all indpendent schools in every class for that matter= that football has been played there for 100 years give or take= it's a fabric of their community, ingrained) Pikeville, Paintsville, Raceland, Hazard, Middlesboro, Mayfield, Beechwood, Somerset, Danville and then longstanding private schools (and/or "new kids on the block") where it's always been of extreme importance- NewCath, Owensboro Catholic, LCA, Lou. Holy Cross KCD...then you have places like Sayre who has exploded onto the scene in what? 2-3 years. Bishop Brossart invested and now are having really good success and I'd be shocked to see them slow down. Obviously I left off others in those classes that fit that description, but it's always been important to those communities (football town-independent schools) and likely always will be.
  4. All of those things + winning and what you're ceiling is at a particular program also has a lot to do with it. In regards to coaches that have traded out for admin jobs- @ChiefSmoke can add to this, also, but I know of several former head coaches who have gotten into admin and it's not that the hours are actually better....however, you're at least getting COMPENSATED much better for your time than coaching. Admin base stipends, across all levels/ranks (elementary-high school) are almost always as good as HFC stipends (in the very least) & the majority of the time SIGNIFICANTLY better. Then, throw in the massive amount of extended days? The switch becomes a financial no brainer. You can be up there in June or July for hours during the week as a coach (some places have extended days, but if they do, it's few and your base coaching stipend isn't as high) working for "free" essentially or be up there as an admin, actually getting paid for it. Coach brought up another good point as well about certain household, blue blood programs.....those jobs rarely come open. "Everything" (as relative as a term as it can be to the coaching world) is there....from the pay, community/administrative support, "football town" mentality and then...let's call it what it is, too...the chance to WIN. Coaching is about relationships (and, so many other hats that coaches have always worn..moreso now than ever today), yes...but, it's also about WINNING. THAT is one of the few reasons as to why you just don't see certain jobs come open often. On the flip side of that, there is a reason you see countless others have turnover like they do......take the LACK of the aforementioned keys to having success, add that to a low talent base year in year out where "said coach(es)" can probably tell you the outcome (+/- a game here or there & not in a good way) of their season(s) more years than not on the first day of January workouts for the upcoming year? And you get turnover.... 1- Pay for the time is garbage. 2- Lack of administrative support from where it matters from everything to budget, facility upgrades, teaching position(s)/in school strength/conditioning. 3- Staring down the barrel at the talent you have to face every year in districts that have other aspects above also going for them? Leads to... 4- See ya, bye.
  5. He will still graduate from here in ‘24, but he isn’t going to enroll until January of ‘25. Proud of Cutter- he’s a fantastic young man who is an Honor student plus a 3 sport athlete.
  6. I think, or so I hope and believe that this changes with him. Great info by the way.
  7. Love this hire. He can recruit his tail off and obviously does a helluva job on D. The ☘️ currently have a Top 5 recruiting class, Reese remains the OC and business as usual carry’s on. What say you @ChiefSmoke?!?
  8. You got this tonight TP?! Good. I’ll let you have it, so I don’t lose my right thumb 😂😂😂
  9. Incredible game. Hats off to both squads. Playmakers all over the field and both, obviously well coached. We almost didn’t go, but dang glad we did. As it was stated earlier…instant classic. Game was eerily similar to our (LaRue County) 2018 region title win vs E-town in so many facets- from the deficit, to the onside kick(s) recovered- Glasgow was down 22. Wild wild game- ….stellar career for Brady Clark (Bardstown QB). Just one of those games you could have watched and hoped it never would end (at least from a coach’s/fan point of view that was there as a spectator). Stockton of Glasgow is just an absolute animal.
  10. That’s going to do it, Glasgow just got a first down and they’re gonna run out the clock. Glasgow 48-42 over Bardstown Unbelievable game
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