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  1. 1) E-town is good; very good. 2) E-town is good; very good. 3) E-town is good;very good. 4) E-town DID NOT reel off 35 unanswered points against LaRue County. LaRue ran 40 something offensive snaps in the first half. Their 1st drive went for almost 20 plays and a score, and they had another drive at the end of the first half that took another 15 + plays before time ran out on the E-town 20. 5) In the 2nd half LaRue lost two OL on the same play in their first drive; then went to their Spread looks where they made the game 28-13 on a 50+ yard run late 3rd/early 4th before E-town tacked one on late in the game after a LaRue turnover on downs on their own 10 with about 2:00 left in the game. By the way; did I say E-town was good and very well coached? That need not get lost in translation nor taken away. They are STILL the overwhelming favorite to come out of Region 1 and maybe the entire west (as they should be), but there were some corrections that needed to be tended to in your depiction of the game.
  2. LaRue 61 carries for 288. Had 348 total Union 110 total yards
  3. It’s not what you’d think (more officials=more flags); the one time I’ve seen it this year it was a really good officiated game.
  4. Test run regular season games for playoffs. All playoff games will be 7 man crews this year I believe?
  5. Some that are still active (other than Larkey. Coach Hollowell passed away in recent years): David Barnes- He’s been Runner-Up at Caldwell County and has made it to the Region Finals at Caldwell on a few other occasions. Before that he was the HC at Daviess County for several years back when it was the old four class system. Larry Moefield- Meade County- In his 13/14 seasons leading the Green Wave he’s 0-1 in the finals, yet has some Region titles and/or appearances all while battling some of the the biggest and baddest in the state (old 4A/current 6A) John Edge- Owensboro Catholic. Coach Edge and the Aces are always in the mix of things year in year out come late November/early December since he’s been there the last 14 years. Craig Clayton- Hoptown (version 2.0). Coach Clayton has the Tigers in a couple finals, but they weren’t able to win one. I’m not sure his win total, but it has to be up there somewhere. I know he went to TN and had some success also at Franklin HS and Hillsboro.
  6. Becherer wasn’t ejected; nor any of their “main” skill players. Etown and LaRue both had one ejected...neither being one that touches the ball much and/or any.
  7. I hope somebody takes a chance on him; he's one of those kids where you need to take the "measurable" (mainly his height I'd guess?) & toss any 'negative' out the window. I'd love nothing more than to see WKU or somebody like that take a chance on him.....he's going to be a "Looky at what we have here" for somebody at the next level.
  8. ...and, he’s only played about half of the snaps due to the amount of running clocks they’ve had. (Becherer that is)
  9. The guys from Waggener obviously, But one some might not know about... Jay Becherer- Elizabethtown Remember on NCAA College Football (PlayStation) back in the day when you could create the “recruit” who was a 99 across the board? Yeah. That’s him.
  10. No bigger fan of Bethlehem until that final game than Thomas Nelson right now. You said it.
  11. It will come down to a point system based off the non district wins each of them have. You get a point for every win that said team(s) you defeated has (again; non district). In this case Bardstown has 0 (due to Nelson and Marion being winless so far). To make thinks even more complicated; Thomas Nelson also has 0 points due to Nelson County. Henry County has 5 and is the current 3 seed right now. If Bardstown and Thomas Nelson were to both stay at 0 points; then I BELIEVE the 4 seed would go to Bardstown due to them winning the head to head.
  12. Hey now! Well, maybe. But I was raised on the classics; I’m just terrible with being able to name the groups. Lol. Does that count for something?
  13. Sitting here on our balcony of the condo we've had in Orange Beach (AL) this week watching the waves roll in....waiting on the girls to get ready for our family pics on the beach. Life is good as is, but it's been really good this week. For those of us high school football enthusiasts; I can't begin to put into words how nice having an open week coincide with fall break is.......3rd year in a row. I'm not sure there is any going back once you've gotten a taste of it. I GET IT now.. lol
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