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  1. What’s the funniest thing your coach said back in the day that couldn’t be said today? There’s just some things that will never be forgotten!
  2. Offensive pass interference! 15 yd penalty repeat 3rd down.
  3. Congrats to Danville. They played a good ball game and we didn’t. Our line got their tails kicked on both sides of the ball. That was key. VanCleave has the speed as advertised. Very fast. That reverse and punt return he both scored on hurt us. Redbirds missed lots and lots of tackles and that is something I’m not use to seeing. But good players like VanCleave make that happen. Very proud of my Cardinals. Lots of questions going into this season. But they answered them and made it to the big dance but fell a little short. We have made it to the final 8 of the last 9 years. We shall return!
  4. Ref on top of the play ruled it not a TD. The other one come running from behind throwing his hands up a TD
  5. When Sizemore did a QB draw, the announcer said “Jared Lorenzen for the carry”. So funny!
  6. Been a while since our Redbirds have actually been the underdog. I like it though. Danville has held #1 all year long I think so I expect for us to be the underdog. It’s gonna be a great game folks. I like our chances if our D played the way it did vs CAL. Smash mouth football with 11 hats to the ball. That’s how we roll! Cardinals get their 13 state title!!!!
  7. I saw it today as well. I got a laugh out of it. I’m sure it was a youngin passing through.
  8. You very well might be right. I got this info from KHSAA page. They had them at 93-6 before this season. Then I got where they went 10-3 this year. That’s where I came up with 103-9.
  9. That is impressive. SW definitely headed in the right direction.
  10. Thought I would share this. Best winning percentage from 2010 to current season. All classes. 2A Mayfield 111-7 94.1% 5A Bowling Green 103-9 91.9% 3A Belfry 101-17 85.6%
  11. I’m willing to bet there is not a single player on our team that knows the record between Mayfield and Danville.
  12. Please Please Please continue to overlook us. I’m begging you!
  13. Congrats to CAL on a great season! Congrats to The Cardinals on a fantastic game. As some has already mentioned, War Memorial was EPIC tonight!!! Place was rocking. A great crowd too. Nothing like a good ole hard hitting game. Both teams were laying the wood. Saw several good hits tonight. No doubt this game was won up front. Cardinals D line played lights out. Our coaches once again put together a great game plan. Hung over 200 yds rushing on this CAL defense. Wow! I too was one to hold their breath everytime Wright received a punt or kickoff. But we kept him in check all night. He maybe had 2 maybe 3 touches all night on the offenseive side of the ball. Was surprised to see them not go to him on offense. I scratch my head when the best player on the field hardly touches the ball. But, I’ll take it. Credit our D backs for keeping him in check also! A great hard fought game is what took place tonight! The Big Red Machine keeps rolling! On to the next one! GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats Corbin! Mayfield is pulling for ya!
  15. I had a lot of questions going into this season especially after losing a star qb, rb, and a couple of lb’s and many more. This team has come a long way and has been very impressive to say the least. I look for us to come out and continue to play smash mouth football and take care of business. CAL is no doubt a great team. We will see how this long bus ride plays out for them. With this game being at home for the cardinals I definitely like our chances. Safe travels to the CAL players and fans. See y’all Fri at good ole War Memorial Stadium where only CARDINALS get out alive!
  16. Total dominance by Mayfield on both sides of the ball. Mayfield had almost 500 yds of total offense close to 300 of it rushing to OC’s 114 ish yds of total offense. OC had 1 big play. A 72 yd jump ball that they come down with for the score. I thought OC defense looked really good at times. Jus wasn’t strong enough to contain Mayfields weapons. Was surprised to see the OC players taking small cheap shots after the plays were over. Lots of mouthing as well which led to a one of their players getting ejected. Guess they were frustrated. Cardinals keep rolling!
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