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  1. I am not in the know anymore sorry I have nothing on his status.If I had to guess he doesnt play .He has a bright future ahead of him.
  2. You really think there is no difference?Then you haven't seen him play Smart,Leader with a great arm next level big time arm.I believe 12 tds to zero int believe me a big difference!
  3. With Veltkamp they were a pass first now with Mason they will be a run first. Watch for alot of Qb quick option like back when Litten was Qb.
  4. Last 2 wins over BG SW averaged over 200 yds rushing. Their Oline is better and now have a running QB also.I stand by what I said earlier SW will have success running the ball.
  5. I will go out on a limb and say South has success running the ball.
  6. Look for a big adjustment in the offense!Something BG tradional has a problem with.
  7. Any news on Veltvamp ?Heard he injurd himself last night.
  8. Jantzen Dunn South Warren may be best DB out of South Warren.
  9. Didnt take South long to catch BG.Its hard to stay on top of the mountain. BG has a great program but so does south .Congrats coach Smith,playersand fans.
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