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New Top 4 Released


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Would be interesting to see what the old BCS ranking system would have given us.



Per Brad Edwards: Using the old BCS formula, the current rankings would be: 1 Bama, 2 FSU, 3 Oregon, 4 TCU, 5 OSU, 6 Baylor


And then elaborates: And it's not even close between 2 and 3, so if the BCS were still around, we'd be looking at a Bama vs FSU title game instead of a semi.

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I'm not even mad about this, as long as FSU actually gets in with a win over Georgia Tech. And I think it would be in their best interest to do so. It would be a black eye year one if they left out an undefeated team as highly rated as FSU. There'd be a chance that a media poll could create a split national champion year 1.


Also, I personally think FSU would rather play Bama in New Orleans than Oregon in Pasadena.


Lastly, the standard they're holding FSU to, then IMO there's no reason Oregon shouldn't have jumped Alabama by now. After all, Oregon's top win is now better than Bama's (Michigan State over Mississippi State), their loss is better (Arizona over Ole Miss), and they have the same amount of top 25 wins (and each of Oregon's are more highly rated than the corresponding win for Alabama).

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