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Shelby Valley 64 Paintsville 61

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Wildcats led throughout...one point was up by 16...good effort by PHS to comeback in the 4th, but they fell just a little short.


District champions go 0-4 in the first round...JCHS has to be licking their chops at this, they're clearly the favorite of the remaining 4 teams, but remember they didn't play that well against Pikeville...it's anyone's to win now...

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Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't all 2 seeds left?? Congrats SV, but got to say bring it home Eagles. Tigers keep your heads up, you all fought back being down by quite a bit most of the game. Looks like it's time to get the bats out in Tigerland.

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WOW! I'm stunned! Central has the table set! As seen all year in this Region though anybody can win on a given night!



Johnson Central is at best, the 2nd best team remaining.


Belfry is the favorite, IMO.

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