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  1. Don't know what the point of your posts are concerning UK...really don't think there is a point...
  2. Uh, all of it...I know UK is ranked 14th, nothing more, nothing less...:lol: Won over the 9th ranked team and a huge SEC road win vs. 2 Heisman candidates... 99% of the Louisville fans saw a big win over UK and a NC run... UK is in the SEC where ranked teams lose to each other every week...of course UK will give and take lumps vs. one of the top 5 schedules in the country...DUHHH... I wasn't talking about UK NC run this year OR UL NC run last year... :confused:
  3. Thanks for playing, you don't even qualify for a parting gift...:lol:
  4. Hope you get your UK-itis under control...seems to me you could be a lot more productive not worrying about UK 'round the clock...:sssh::sleep:
  5. You're right, those teams might even be as bad as Syracuse...
  6. If you really want to like UK football you will. UK fans are going to enjoy the season and drown out the noise of the naysayers. What part of 14th in the country are you failing to grasp??? :confused: Nobody is saying UK is in the hunt for the NC like the extremely overzealous (unranked) UL fans did for months. UK can play with anybody...deal with it...does that mean they won't take their lumps in the SEC? Does it mean we are looking to win the NC? Of course not.
  7. Good luck to both teams... Not a better rivalry anywhere... Seeing Pikeville and Belfry on the field vs. one another will send chills down anyone's spine...
  8. See the post above yours...Brooks is no dummy...again, USC lost 2 conference games last year and won 3 others by a TD or less...you guys are buying into all the hype and acting like they are a mid-level NFL team...look at the post above yours and everything Brooks said is true...
  9. No, but UK would have a chance to win in Lexington. 14th ranked teams beat higher rated teams every single year, so it would not be a total shock at all...
  10. According to this week's Gold Sheet, using power ratings and home field advantage points, USC would be an 8-point favorite at Kentucky. We all know what happened to the last team that came into Lexington favored by that margin...You brainiacs laugh at Brooks all you want, he is undefeated and ranked #14 in the land...
  11. Wow, is that really your argument? It might be a little more complicated than that...:lol:
  12. Laughing at Brooks is not a good way to come across as smart. USC lost two conference games last year and won three others by a touchdown or less...So yes, there are teams in the SEC that would beat USC on any given Saturday...
  13. Whatever he said, and in whatever context, people are listening... Brooks knows his stuff, as everyone is finding out.
  14. Doesn't sound like Brooks at all...
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