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  1. Beechwood was 4-5 TD's better than Hazard IMO... but valiant effort by the Bulldogs coupled with turnovers by Beechwood kept it close. Congrats Beechies....
  2. 1:52... 83 yards for Hazard to go I have a feeling Hazard may end up with one turnover before it is said and done.
  3. Hmm...something familiar about this quote to me...seems like something I experienced about this time last week.
  4. Not really... it just amazes me that hazard can still win this game. Beechwood is easily 4-5 TD's better than the Bulldogs.
  5. If for some unearthly reason Hazard comes back to win this game, then this will leave a sore spot in Beechwood fans' heads for a looooooooooong time.
  6. To Hazard's credit they have multiplied their first half production by over 14X
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