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  1. I'll tell you all what..I'll give Belfry the benefit of the doubt, and assume that Burch is the worst baseball team in the history of high school baseball...Hope you're proud though when you put this on the khsaa.org record book just like the 31 runs vs. Feds Creek in 2000...
  2. No, but I give up...I'm sorry for thinking that 33 runs in 5 Innings is a shame...Teams do it all the time, right?
  3. I'm sure they were bad, but 33 runs...Come on Watusi you know that's awful...No excuse at all for that...
  4. Understatement of the year...Its the easiest schedule ever made...
  5. SV lost all that talent from last year but almost won again..Imagine how good they'd be with the players that have quit such as Mikie Bartley and Kyle Goodson...Could have been a stacked team..
  6. Too close of a game to predict...I never would have thought that these two teams would be in the finals...
  7. People have to remember that despite losing all those players, Shelby Valley is still Shelby Valley....Unbelievable run for the young wildcats though..
  8. Typo on the "down" instead of "done"....You're right..Previous years don't determine it because they had a better team this year than any other and went out in the 1st round....Prestonsburg wont have the chance to win it for another few years now...
  9. I didnt know that the Semi's was "gettin' it done"
  10. I agree ballcrazy..SV lost either 3 or 4 starters from last years team, so that excuse is out the book...
  11. If they stick to taking it down low to Riddle then they beat Belfry...
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