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  1. Boone will be QB until he graduates or daddy leaves the program.
  2. Maybe the passing game shown Saturday night will not allow teams to put 9 men in the box. Look for Grimm's stats to go up as the offensive line begins to gel. There were a lot of missed blocks and assignments against South Point.
  3. It's the station that carries Lawrence County Football Games. WZAQ
  4. Did anyone else hear the Bulldogs season preview today at 6 pm today on 92.3 in Louisa?
  5. I guess that answers the question as to where the money used to fund the project came from. Thanks for posting the article.
  6. As a player, Tommy led Johnson Central to it's first win in the state tournament in 2000. He played four years at Alice Lloyd College. He coached in the elementary system for one season in 2005 and has been an assistant coach under Mark Starns for the past two seasons.
  7. The Johnson Central marquee said there would be a press conference today at 4:00 p.m. I assume they were going to name Tommy McKenzie the new head basketball coach. Anyone have any news from that?
  8. This sounds awesome!!! I bet it catches on like crazy. Can't wait for the first show. Good Luck Guys!!
  9. Exactly! And when money is available, no matter where the money came from, it is used as you said. It is used for up-keep, maintenance and improvements. These new facilities will reap great financial rewards for the district in the near future. Therefore, Johnson Central will not have to place added burden on the taxpayers.
  10. If indeed there are no restrictions, and I would assume there is not, placed on how the money is spent, so long as the educational needs of the students are met, how is the money being spent wrecklessly when it is being used to improve the school? The upgraded facilities are for the students. Thousands of students benefit from these improvements. Who knows how these facilities will afect the lives of these kids. If the availability of these facilities keeps one child away from things that otherwise would have been an influence in their lives and perhaps keeps them out of trouble, then it was well worth the investment.
  11. That was a lot of work. The only change I would make is that I believe we will see a rematch of last season's semi-final matchup between Cov Cath and Johnson Central.
  12. Johnson Central is a very nice High School. However, it was built in the 1960s. The same facility has been in use since 1969. And, while improvements are made nearly every year, it is far from being ultra modern. I believe that each school has a responsibility to the children of their own districts. They should not be held responsible for children in other districts. I believe it would be an injustice and grounds for dismissal if any school board member turned down money from the state.
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