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  1. Swartz 26 Carrie's 248 yards 4 TDs Swartz had a 70 yard TD run Skidmore 25 Carrie 93 yards 1 TD Skidmore had a 60 yard TD run
  2. Get a grip, this was a practice game, no one gets a ring for "winning " a scrimmage. Both teams are going to be good and any one thinks different maybe off their rocker. They're things that both teams can work on and get better at.
  3. Well if she is Principal at Pburg High School and she feels that Pburg schools are not good enough for her to send her kids to, maybe she might want to look at FIRING herself. She is responsible for the education of Pburg High School.
  4. Bath County meet contact johnny.poynter@bath.kyschools.us
  5. Congrats to Coach Larkey. He is a great coach/man.
  6. Bath County March 3rd Power Clean and Bench
  7. TEAM being the key word. No you should not to answer your question. Thats part of the problem in the world, if things dont go your way take your ball and leave. Teaching kids wrong lessons.
  8. Uk was a great venue. Attendance this year was at the top of all time.
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