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  1. I was told that Keith May, former assistant and alum, was the guy, but then I heard he didn’t apply.
  2. The poster who is suggesting a shorter football season, obviously has some issues. Football is the single greatest sport on God's earth. Football is statically safer than Cheerleading (leads all sports injuries - broken bones) and Girl's Soccer (leads all sports related injuries - concussions). The dead period could be maybe a week longer. But as a result, I would like to see a spring scrimmage game with another team and June 7v7 brought back. Abolish AAU basketball, travel team baseball and other club sports. That junk is garbage.
  3. Is this the guy who used to be at Ballard and Pikeville?
  4. I agree to a lot of this. Pike Central has had some problems lately....Didn't see the success or problems with Chris MacNamee...Wonder how Eric Ratliff will fare with the Hawks. On your last point, it took Jack Hall two years to capture the 64 crown. Delano Thomas made it there in six. Just a little pride in me.
  5. Oh yes they would. Don't be vexing. The individual schools/communities polling together, tied with good coaching, can produce a championship quality football team. Remember Pikeville pulls kids from Pburg, and surrounding counties. Belfry pulls kids from Mingo County.You don't see kids transferring from Grundy, Betsy Layne, Wise, or anywhere to ER, Phelps, Pike Central, or Shelby Valley. It's not like the kids are different. They grow up in the same socioeconomic environment as everyone else. Difference comes from coaching and program building. If you take pure base talent and give an equal coach, yeah the county schools will win some, not all, but some games. Any other thought is irrelevant and ignorant to Pike County Athletics.
  6. 180-101 in his time at Prestonsburg. Before that he had a great term as HFC at Betsy Layne. John gets the job done. This is the same thing when Harlan wanted to fire Tom Larky. Its the nature of the beast now. Watchout Philip Haywood.....
  7. Well the education in EKY isn't exactly what experts would call "the best." I understand if the Principal sends her kids to Piarist. It is a top notch academic school that is byfar and away better than any public school in EKY. The only school that may give it a run for its money is Pikeville Independent.
  8. Even at multiple times in history, Belfry and Pikeville weren't the best in Pike County. My Cougars are long gone, but we still remember our glory. East Ridge, Pike County Central, Phelps, and Shelby Valley could probably win against any school.
  9. I'd wager if you did that, and consolidate the other county schools, they'd win against a PHS/BHS unholy union
  10. John D is out. Confirmed via sources.
  11. Yeah, Martin was big on the wins leader board. I believe he started the program at Wayland before he went to Bardstown.
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