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  1. I stand corrected. I didn’t think RPI went into effect until semi final pairings.
  2. Pretty strong words considering a likely matchup with Belfry comes in round 3.
  3. They still have a similar foe in Belfry to contend with.
  4. My list would look like this: 1.) Trinity 2.) Cov Cath 3.) Male 4.) Johnson Central 5.) Fredrick Douglass 6.) Boyle County 7.) Belfry 8.) Somerset 9.) Pikeville 10.) Mayfield 11.) Bell County 12.) Paintsville
  5. What a game this was! Thank god for the new RPI system or this game would have never happened at this point! Reese Smith is one heck of a player! That caught he made to set up Boyle Co last score was insane! For all the offensive accolades he gets, and deservedly so. He is every bit as impressive on the defensive end. It seemed he was in on nearly every play defensively. And how about Dillon Preston! Playing Ironman football and coming up with big play after big play! What looked like a huge play for Boyle Co to open the game was quickly shattered by Dillon Who came in with one heck of a strip on Smith. JC, against all odds, believed in themselves and each other and done what many said couldn’t be done against an outstanding Boyle County team. I think we all knew that totally shutting down Boyle County wasn’t going to happen but they had good overall success in making Boyle move the ball slower than they were used to. You hate that either one of these class program had to lose but both showed the upmost sportsmanship through the game! Congrats to Boyle Co on an excellent season and Congrats to the Johnson Central Golden Eagles on winning their 2nd state championship!
  6. You know here’s the thing. We have all, at some point in our life’s, said something we either regretted or wished we could take back. And this day in age, when a camera or video is everywhere, people want to take what they can and use it as an advantage to themselves or their teams. Obviously what was said was tasteless, very disrespectful, and probably not much thought went into it when it was said. But I imagine many of us have said somethings far worse that we wouldn’t want others to know about. My point is this. I think we as adults shouldn’t inflame the words of another when the stakes couldn’t be any higher from the get go. My worry is that in the early stages of the game, when emotions and energy are already running high, that this doesn’t have players so jacked up that it causes someone whom would normally be a low key player to do something he may regret. And in turn get kicked out of the biggest game of their young lives. It would be the ultimate shame to see one of either one of these teams lose a key player to something we as adults inflamed. I just hope this game is as competitive as most of us feel it will be. That both teams come away injury free. That both teams know and respect the magnitude of each program and its tradition. And that they leave the game knowing the left it all on the field. I personally don’t know much about Boyle Co., but I fully anticipate JC would have been focused and ready to play without this video. I look for JC to surprise a lot of people from around the state and to assert the style of football onto the Rebel’s. I think it will be close, but at the end of the day I see JC winning by a TD. Johnson Central 27 Boyle Co. 21
  7. I seen earlier today JC would have tickets on sale Wednesday. I would imagine Boyle would be nearly the same.
  8. I think this question would be better served after this weekends games. As it will only be a debate and would never actually happen.
  9. This notion that JC is merely physical, and lacks team speed, I think is going to be re-evaluated after this week. Their calling card is physicality, and rightfully so, but this team has more overall team speed at the skill positions than any JC team I’ve ever seen. The best team JC faced this year IMO, Bishop Sycamore, had speed at nearly every skill position just lacked overall discipline. Lots of penalties and sloppy plays on their part.
  10. I think we can all agree that the RPI “formula” needs some obvious tweaking. But the playoff format under it was a success. I love that the KHSAA has followed other states lead and attempted to make it to where the best teams are playing the final weekend.
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