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  1. I believe the wrestling Coach has done the best job. Taking kids that have never wrestled to state. Job well done. I met Coach Dean a few weeks ago and what a class act he is. Congrats to LCC and good luck in the regional touranment...
  2. Are their any other Eastern Kentucky teams?
  3. 1.Paintsville 2.Pikeville 3.Johnson Central 4.Sheldon Clark 5.Allen Central 6.Lawrence County 7.Belfry 8.Phelps 9.Pike Central 10. Shelby Valley
  4. I sure thought Johnson Central would beat Letcher Central. Who pitched for both teams? Anybody got any information about this game?
  5. I think these two teams are evenly matched. First game was 73-71 PHS, this game Valley by 3.
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