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  1. Miami probably did a little bit of over-coaching and went with a small but fast lineup. It was a gamble that did not translate into enough fast break points to cancel out the offensive rebounds for Chicago. Also, I think Chicago's defense surprised some people. That is one athletic front line.
  2. Well get on an OSU website and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.
  3. Barkley's stock just rose 575% on BGP.
  4. Will someone run tell the DUKE team that half time is over.
  5. Can't understand that one...clearly going for the ball the entire time.
  6. For all the Call of Duty fans, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
  7. I took it has Coach Knight implying that he does not agree with the rule that coaches get X amount of time before they have to put another player into the game. Something along the lines of "why give a team time to regroup after they just committed a foul?"
  8. I just got a ticket for the game for FREE from a buddy of mine. This will be my first NFL game so I am pretty excited about going even though it is going to be freezing. Any suggestions for local bars after the game?
  9. Obviously the fan was saying some nasty things or Coach Williams would have not had him ejected. Think about it guys. UNC has been heckled in the past, this guy just crossed a line. I remember when JJ had some very nasty things yelled at him during games and I wish something would have been done about that, also. I am sure Duke fans will have a field day with this but it will be clean fun and Coach Williams will not have a problem with it.
  10. Just make some free throws :ohbrother:
  11. I think there is going to one heck of a battle in the paint on Satrurday. Patterson vs. Thompson and Cousins vs. Davis. I think the big game experience UNC has gained this year will pull it out for them. Also I expect Ginyard to guard Wall more than Drew II, does anyone else agree with this? I am not saying Ginyard will shut him down but I think he is the best defender Wall has faced so far this year. I just can not get over how much talent UNC lost last year and they are even ranked, and not just ranked but pretty darn good. Lawson, Ellington, Green, and that one guy who is all time leading scorer in ACC history (I forget his name) Roy Williams is very good.
  12. I really do not understand the logic of Matney not wanting to trade film. Its not like his offense is a complex system. It would seem to hurt his team more than help. I team could watch a game film of JC from 2005-2008 and get a great look at what they will see in 2009. Not much has changed, belly right, belly left, a couple of broken bone sets with two back power sweeps, and a play action pass about twice a month.
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