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  1. Take a look at this kid from Lafayette, who is only an 8th grader, won a dunking contest.
  2. I ran across an article that had Timmy Knipp Dunking. Had a little write up on him too.
  3. Final Greenup plays Owsley Co. at 6pm Tuesday in the Semi Finals of Red River Classic in Powell Co.
  4. Nobody said that Coach Fraley didnt take the credit for the loss. He would never throw his players under the bus. Listen to the post game interview. In real life, players either make plays or they don't. Coaches can only put them in the best situation to succeed. Scouting, giving positive motivation, giving constructive criticism, and making adjustments throughout the game is pretty much all a coach can do. Players have to execute what they are supposed to do. If coaches had a joystick it would be all on the coach. 16-18 year old kids are making the in game split second decisions and mistakes will be made. It is early. Lets see how this team develops over time. District tournament is all that matters.
  5. Poor game plan?? Greenup knew what every play was going to be before it was made. You have to follow the game plan!!! Greenup is prepared for every game, but the players have to execute and apply what they learn in practice. You seriously think the coaching staff didnt work on a press offense? They did. Time for the players to take some responsibility and have desire to do the right things to win.
  6. I heard that the xrays look good and he will have a mri asap. If anything it is a strained mcl, not anything to do with acl.
  7. Conner Osborne and Dylan Whitehead pitched for Mason County. Two freshman that mainly pitched JV throughout the year.
  8. I will be at all sessions. Can't wait till Thursday night. Mason Co. needs to dictate the pace and control Justice. Go Royals!!
  9. My first tournament was 1987 and I have been going ever since. The only tourn. that I have missed were in Freedom Hall. I hate Louisville.
  10. Could you take Billy Gillispie home with you when you head home after tournament?:deadhorse:
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