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  1. If Im correct this will be the first time Harrison County hasnt made it to atleast the championship game of region since 2003. Pretty crazy. But congrats to Bourbon!
  2. Jordan Martin went 6, and Brandon Kendall pitched the 7th.
  3. So any stats on the game? Who played good for each team?
  4. You all should look at how dumb all of you look! Why would you want to argue over HS baseball? You should talk about the game, not who has class and who doesnt. Get a life!
  5. Beechwood being typical Beechwood. How many titles does Coach Whitaker have again?
  6. Which is Harrison County... Coach Whitaker does not like for his players to play on other teams in the summer.
  7. A great way for the 7 seniors to go out. Congrats to Coach Whitaker and his staff!
  8. Can anybody tell me anything about Daviess? I have not got to watch them play this year...
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