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  1. Simple solution. Teach your runners to never leave the base until they either see the ball in the pitcher's hand or the pitcher toes the rubber.
  2. I haven't followed many teams this year, but was at the 33rd District games for Boone, Teegarden leads off for Boone, and played 2B against Cooper. Has a great eye and a real quick bat at the plate. Fouled off many good pitches from Dunn, more like an experienced player. Against Conner, he also led off and played SS because SO. Purnell was pitching. He made 3 plays in one inning that just made me say WOW! Picked a hard shot and threw one guy out, next batter hits it in the hole, he does a slide catch to his right, comes up and guns him out at first. Follows that up with another great pick and needed a scoop from Ganns at 1B to complete the play. Boone fans went nuts and Conner fans and coaches just shook their heads. Very impressive for a Freshman playing Varsity. I wouldn't say he has a cannon at SS, but none of his throws had a hump in them. Not bad because when I first saw him I thought a good gust of wind would blow him away. Can't be more than 100 lbs.
  3. While those guys have been great, the supporting cast of defense and hitting also plays a huge part, not to mention team chemistry. There have been a lot of unsung heroes on those Boone teams that have helped carry the torch.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I recall all the haters on here. My brother-in-law bets the horses the same way. The horse don't care who he's running against, if he wants to win, he'll win.
  5. Great game. Plate umpire only seemed to have issue with low, outside call to RH batters. Not an advantage to either team. Heard Ganns hit 88 several times on the gun - consistently 85-86. Dunn threw just as hard but did not hear his numbers. Cooper scored on a walk, steal of 2B, went to 3rd on throwing error and scored on a wild pitch/passed ball (not sure how it was scored). Boone's first run came on hit batter, who got to 3b and scored on a wild pitch/passed ball (again, not sure how it was scored). Close play at the plate, looked like tag did not get down in front of the plate. Both teams made some plays in the field. Cooper threw out Ganns at 3B on a nice relay throw from the outfield, and had a Boone runner nailed at the plate, but the throw took a bad hop in front of the catcher. Purnell made a diving catch at SS and Teegarden picked a rocket at 2B and threw out the runner. Cooper LF made a great turn around catch on a deep fly ball by Ganns. Boone got the big hit from Purnell, a 3B to left center. Both lead off hitters were tough and fouled off a lot of pitches (Crail for Cooper and Teegarden for Boone). It's just a shame this district is so tough, year in and year out.
  6. take that cheeseburger = get hit by a pitch An old Boone County coach years ago would buy a player a cheeseburger for each time they got hit.
  7. You mean besides fundraise, conduct summer camps for kids, cuts the grass, cleans the field, works with these kids in the gym and outside nearly year-round taking time away from his family, handles all state-wide paperwork related to the team, organizes overnight trips, schedules games (which has included some very tough out of town teams in the state), orders uniforms, deals with parents and administrative issues, and oh yeah, by the way, one of the most knowledgeable baseball guys in the region. Just because he is not 'on the field' during the game does not mean he is not involved. Delegation is a skill a lot of people don't have. Sometimes people only show up at games and think that's all that goes into coaching a team. Wayne Huff has lost more sleep worrying about doing what's right for his team than you can possibly fathom. You may not agree with everything he does, but his head and heart are in the right place. I've been around baseball enough to know that if more parents, students, and friends would cheer positively for their own teams and conduct themselves with class towards their own team, opposition, and umpires, the whole baseball experience would take a giant leap forward.
  8. Scoreboard showed game as 3-1. Less than ideal conditions to play in as a shower came through and dropped the temperature about 15 degrees. Field became tacky, but playable. Pitchers were obviously affected by it, but it was bad for both teams. I believe each team had 4 hits, depending on scorekeeper and several close calls. Strike zone started very tight, then loosened, then tightened again. Must have been fair, because both teams and coaches were complaining. Boone made some nice plays on defense - Brenden Stanley threw out a runner at home on a single by Ryle, Alex McGarr in center dove for a ball that looked destined for the gap. Trey Martin caught a shot about eye-ball high at 3B. Pitcher Nolan Klein snagged a ball at his feet off a rocket and threw the runner out easily. Austin Johnson in RF and Tyler Schultz at 2B collided on a ball in short right that fell in for a hit. Schultz took the brunt of the hit and has a potential arm injury, but stayed in the game - tough kid. Outside of a few close ball and strike calls, the only bad call seemed to be at 2b with Ryle trying to turn a double play, Ryle 2b threw wide to SS and appeared to pull the SS off the bag. 2B umpire called out and Coach Huff went out for a lively discussion with the ump. First base ump also saw that play, and smiled, but couldn't really say anything. Boone scored a run that inning to go back up 3-1 and could have scored that run, but not a major affect in the outcome. From my angle, which was right down the baseline from 1b to 2b, it wasn't really close, pulled him way off. Congrats to Boone on the upset, with a gutty pitching performance by Huff and Klein. Ryle's 2nd pitcher Bellew threw well and probably deserved better. Ryle will be just fine in the Region and it's going to be a great Regional tourney. Best of luck to both teams. Kudos to Coach Huff and his staff. There were some nay-sayers on this site when he was hired at Boone as being a coach from a small school that couldn't succeed at a bigger school. In his 5 years, he has won the 33rd District 3 times and won the 9th Region once. Not bad, Coach, not bad at all.
  9. All players, including pitchers, should have at least 8 weeks off per year to let their arms recuperate. I always liked to shut them down after fall ball and not throw at all during November and December. Start back up slowly in January indoors and build up strength so by tryouts (Feb 15th), they were ready to go. I saw a lot of players use November, December, and January as time to go see a pitching coach and threw once or twice a week. Their mechanics improved, but their arms were pretty dead, if not sore, by May. The down time from throwing should be a time to strengthen the entire body with a concentration on core strength.
  10. You all can argue all you want, I'm bunting, because it's WINNING baseball, bottom line.
  11. Great article by a great guy and a great dad. Having gone through it, brought tears to this old dad's eyes.
  12. Congratulations to Jackson. The Atlanta scouts followed him all spring.
  13. Coaching will not be a problem. I've been following Boone Boys Basketball since Jay Mulcahy was the coach. I get sick and tired of hearing people bash Coach McQueary. He has a 110-65 record (.629 winning pct.) at Boone. He has coached against a Holmes team that has had the best run of NKY basketball in quite some time. He has beaten them once in regular season and came within a basket of beating them in the 2009 region finals when Holmes won the state. He runs great plays in the half court and despite some people's complaints, does let the team run at times. He has been blessed with good players without a doubt, but at times those players would constantly fight his system instead opting to 'do their own thing'. If you want to watch run and gun, no defense, no fundamental basketball, go watch AAU. For me, I love seeing a disciplined team running good plays, getting good shots, and being able to defend people. Being voted coach of the year twice by the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches and once by the NK Boys Basketball Coaches Association says volumes of how Coach McQueary is thought of by his peers. I, for one, am a fan.
  14. Can someone at the State Tournament please post any updates as some of us are not able to listen to the games due to firewall issues. After a shower went through from about 9:00 to 10:00 this morning, it looks like the rain will stay away for most of today's games. Does anyone know if the first game got started on time? Thanks.
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