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  1. Morehead’s short distance rightfield fence is an offensive player’s best friend. Most balls off the right field net would be routine fly ball outs in other fields.
  2. Did Brady Hayes from Bellevue go on to play at the college level ?
  3. Jeffrey Purnell - John A Logan - Soph Morehead transfer (Boone) Marshall commit. 7.0 IP - 2 Wins, 1 Save. 12k’s, 2 BB 1.29 ERA Collin Teagarden - Lake Sumter State Soph. ( Campbell)16 games. .264 BA. 9SB Mark Walkenhorst- Hanover- Jr. (Highlands)No stats Tanner Verst -Alice Lloyd ( Bishop Brossart) Soph. No stats
  4. Hunter must have earned a lot of college credits in high school if he already graduated. He would of been a sophomore this season. Awesome job if this is correct .
  5. Boone Co’s Trey Ganns was drafted out of NKU and is in the Boston organization and Jeff Purnell is at Morehead. Was a career ending injury the reason Rasior is still not playing? Heard he was out last season due to surgery and rehab . Also , Cooper had a couple of pitchers in the 2016 class listed as playing at the next level. One was Hunter Turner and their ace that year ( name?) was rumored to be headed to Florida Gulf Coast but never saw any local kids listed on roster.
  6. Dbl OT win . Haynes got it done tonight with 40 !!
  7. Congrats to Rebels !!! That Senior group has came a long way !!!
  8. Mr. Sixer, The calls I was questioning was after the big lead. I would agree the two missing would of put up their numbers but that would of taken away from the points scored by others. My only wish is that refs based their calls on the game not on who they feel should be winning based on the past accomplishments . i remember questioning a ref about calls after a Cov Cath game where a lower rank team was getting screwed on calls the whole game. It was so bad , I thought the refs would be in line getting autographs after the game . I asked the ref about certain calls . His answer to me was that the lower ranking team was so disarray , they wasn't going to get a call.
  9. I was at the game. It was a great battle but it was one of those games where I would love to see a video replay of it . As in another post on this thread, I question the officiating in the third quarter . There was a stretch of time in the 3rd where Boone's lead was diminished . During this time , there was tackles, chops, no calls and topped off with a play where Cooper's 35 plowed over a player and Boone's 35 ended up with a foul against him. I know no game is called perfect but in a perfect world Boone wins this game.
  10. I'm glad to see the seniors having a great season . I know they were thrown into the fire early in their high school careers and have taken their lumps . Has Haynes received any offers yet ?
  11. Rom and Doty are both quality pitchers. Rom was dealt a better hand, left hand to be exact.
  12. #11 is Tim Sherman . He had one heck of a senior season. Don't know final stats but I would say he finished near the top in the region in batting avg. somewhere over .400
  13. A Conner tweet said they play Boone in first round, so Ryle and Cooper square off. Districts was held at Cooper last season ,is it back at Conner this year?
  14. I bet the batter never saw the same sequence of pitches the whole game . It is early season , I'm sure the system will get quicker as the season goes along . One positive, You witnessed one of the best/ smartest pitch callers in NKY .
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