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  1. Mayer and Thelen are power forwards so I will compare him to Fleek. IMO he is every bit as good as Fleek, if he went to CCH it would be a battle as to who would start. Fleek would have a big advantage since he has been in the program for 3 years but Rankin brings a little better all-around game, IMO.
  2. How are you giving me facts, do you make out the starting lineup at CCH. It is just your opinion about Rankin and whether or not he would start.
  3. Kid Avg. 12 points on 60% from the field and 5.6 rebounds a game as a sophomore, he is plenty good enough to still play for NKU. Someone needs to ask him the reason he is leaving NKU. To imply he is not good enough to play now based on how NKU is playing is just plain silly.
  4. Wasn't trying to, i think he will transfer to another d1 school.
  5. Georgetown has had many D1 transfers thru the years
  6. Is that the word on the street or your pick
  7. He would be the 1st call I would make. If Thomas More is going NAIA and playing in the tough Mid-South league then I think he would have interest. He would be a great catch for TMC if they could get him out of the high school ranks.
  8. You must not have seen him play much in High School. Of course no one could know for sure that he would play this well as a freshman but I definitely thought he was good enough to play at UK or UofL. I told friends last year I thought he had a chance at the NBA which might be a stretch but no one thought Shelvin Mack would be playing in the NBA. Hollingsworth was every bit as good as Mack in High School. It would just be nice to see a Lexington kid get recruited by Kentucky but I guess they have to be 5 star recruit. Glad that he did go to a Kentucky school even though I would have liked to seen him in Lexington.
  9. Trinity having two fouls to give and not using at least 1 of them in the last 20 seconds is either bad coaching or bad execution.
  10. Should have went to Kunkel, just teasing!! LOL Nice honor for a kid that had a great season!!
  11. William Conner '81 South Florida Ted Hundley '73 Morehead St. Norman Jackson '74 Austin Peay Buck Clay '74 Austin Peay Tony Davis '93 Central Conneticut Reggie Talbert '92 Darmouth ?? Appalachian St. Several DI recruits went JUCO and decided not to continue playing due to different reasons Jeff Clay '81 and Keith Berry '81 etc. Like a lot of big schools numerous NAIA DII and Juco players from the Defenders program.
  12. Not sure he would be interested but I was very impressed by Ben Franzen when I saw the CCH jv game vs Madison Central. He has seen how a program should be run to get kids competing at a high level. He might be waiting for a bigger program or even college but I think he would be a great choice.
  13. What were the stats from the line for both teams. Cov Catholic getting in the bonus early in the second half was a big key in the game. Both teams were struggling to score due to the great defense being played so getting on the foul line for non shooting fouls was key.
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