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  1. Jake Lankheit=best catcher in N.KY........I thought we talked about this earlier in the year. Congrats, Mr. Lankheit, and good luck in the future.
  2. There's a HUGE difference between football gear in the heat and baseball gear in the heat. I think that the big boys on the line during football season are more susceptible to heat-related injury as well. I played all of my high school sports in a so-called "temperate" climate, similar to N.Kentucky, and after a couple of practices in the heat you could cope. Eight years in the Marine Corps taught me that it takes a solid week to acclimatize to any new "situation".....whether it's hot,cold,humid,arid,high-altitude,low-altitude. Most Marines can do a 20mile hump in their sleep. Add a flak jacket,helmet, and so-called "lightweight" battle rifle to the mix and it's fun time. Add a 60 pound pack and it's something that they never forget having to do. My best advice is to keep them hydrated coaches. From all of the baseball that I've seen at Freedom Field(If that's what it's called these days) the players are in more danger from the turf.......slide early, gentlemen. That turf is like a slip n" slide, and those bases don't give.
  3. Congratulations, Jake. They have a nice program and you will do well there.
  4. I don't know "Theoldguy",but I am pretty sure from his posts that he is a "Prettygoodguy".
  5. Firstbase was talking about a kid from PRP in Louisville throwing 92mph........not Barickman.
  6. He peaked at 87 that day......doesn't matter, he's not playing this spring. Two surgerys on his foot ensured that.
  7. Error-free baseball wins most high school games. Church and Eglian have done some quality work this year on the mound. Nice win,Rebels.
  8. Barickman was at 84mph in the seventh inning of the last tournament he pitched in.......that was last summer.
  9. Cameron Faehr....pitching for Boones varsity team..........and doing quite well,I might add.
  10. I would have liked to have seen Barickman vs.Downs. Side by side Ryan has 7-8mph more on his fastball, and definitely more movement.
  11. Downs looked like a pitcher to me. He pitched a smart game, too. The strike zone did seem a little. w wide to me, and that's what he pitched to. He lived on the outside corner at the knees all game and if blue is calling it you keep doing it. Late in the game he did try to overthrow a few fastballs.
  12. If Cottrell stays healthy, he has the highest ceiling of any pitcher around here. Good build, great arm.
  13. Thanks, Firstbase...........Great win for Boone. Keep it going!
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