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  1. So one with a off night, one home sick and that's what happen to the varsity, what happen to the JV and Freshmen games?
  2. Soon to add Parnell to the list:-)
  3. :popcorn:Coach Huff has missed the regional tournament two times in seven years he has been at Boone. His first year against Ryle and two years ago against Conner. Great hire on Boones part to hire a small school coach from Silver Grove! Great job Huff and to all your assistant coach's!:popcorn:
  4. I have been out of the loop on BGP. Where is the Old Guy?
  5. Read post #1 you might be a little dramatic, just a little.
  6. That a girl Schack, hit that long ball!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What is Boone this year? Do they have a chance to come out of the west? If not them who?
  8. Hummm, maybe I need my glasses on but It looked like he wrote "In two losses this weekend by 1-0 scores"
  9. Boone could very well have a deep run with those three, plus Meyerhoff's JV squad has a couple arms that could provide very good depth to staff led by Ganns,Purnell and Huff. Kenton Hibbard (So.) and Ryan Vickers (Fr.) have been very impressive in their outings v Highlands and Ryle. Hibbard is a stud!!
  10. Don't know who will be on the mound in this game but I'll take the Rebels at home 3 - 2.
  11. I'm glad you would wait but me, I'm just giving my opinion. Other teams do have a large amount of talent and don't want to take anything away from them at all. Just my opinion.
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