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  1. Good coach and an even better man. Hoping he stays involved in some way with football in the state.
  2. I went to the National version of this clinic last year in Indy and it was exceptional. There are lots of opportunities like this at colleges and such--and those are great in terms of specific training ideas--but what makes this group and this kind of clinic a little different is that it is geared to how to incorporate the development of HIGH SCHOOL players within the particular hurdles present to HIGH SCHOOL athletes. Stuff college guys just can't relate to have an emphasis with NHSSCA like: maximizing facility/equipment despite limitations, making off-season work for multi-sport at
  3. I think CoachP has very valid points about travel. I personally believe the beginning rounds of the playoffs are to establish the best team in each class by geographic REGION which could then lead to a seeding situation for the final two rounds -- essential if wanting the best chance to get to the top 2 teams in finals. I think there are a couple different ways travel difficulties could be mitigated if seeding for the semifinals: Play semifinals on SATURDAY of Thanksgiving weekend at centrally-located neutral sites--this would mean no school has to have their kids away from thei
  4. While I may not be crazy about intra-district play, I'm hoping there's a chance this could open the door to doing away with those 1 vs. 4 matchups in first round. It's plausible that a #4 from one very strong district could (and, in fact, has) beat the #1 when matched with a relatively weak district. However, the regular season matchups of teams within the same district would make it clear that the #1 is far superior to their own district's #4 so playing that game in an intra-district playoff format would be moot -- better for travel budgets -- but certainly moot on the field of play
  5. Wow...I don't think I've had as satisfying a compliment as this one. By the way, the great--not just 'good'--men who have coached with me are just as big a reason that 'sense of family' was established everywhere I've been. My best quality as a head coach has always been being able to surround myself with people better than myself. I pray God is with me in the task to find a staff of the same caliber of men I've had on my previous staffs. Thank you to all the others offering congrats. My hope is we can bring some success both on and off the field to the deserving young men at Se
  6. Oh, you don't have to tell me. What happened for many of those years was they had a GREAT run of kids from Louisville area (TJ Pryor, Garnett Phelps, and Brandon Gathof just to name 3 I know personally) all of whom they convinced to either WALK-ON or GRAYSHIRT so they could save their scholarships for out-of-state kids. Those three all ended up being 1st team All-OVC and holding school records. But to get a full ride (not until Soph or Jr year), it required one of their out-of-state studs to eventually peter out due to grades or disciplinary action. I guess they saw it was worth it
  7. Prayers answered. Thank you, Coach Elder. FINALLY, kids in Central Kentucky, Louisville, etc. will actually have a scholarship FCS option. (Murray signed 3 kids from Ky. outside of western part of the state -- actually a pretty good increase for them--but again ZERO Louisville kids. Can't help but think they're missing out not making Louisville a priority.)
  8. Good man and kids at Ballard really like him. Intense, knowledgeable, and very good work ethic. Congrats to Coach Morton.
  9. Hired from within. Justin Blanford has been OL coach at Eastern the previous two seasons. Jason Frakes article in Courier in link below: Justin Blanford named football coach at Eastern High School
  10. This may not be to the liking of people looking for controversy on this topic, but speaking for myself and based on what I've read from the stories on other head coaches who stepped down on their own volition, there does not seem to be anything near any kind of "organized walk-out." I can't speak for the coaches of these other programs, but I know my situation, Ty's at Central, and Jason's at PRP were specifically due to feeling the pull of father duties at that particular point in time (by the way, all three of us mentioned at the time we would likely be getting back into coaching when
  11. Though I don't think any coach in JCPS is pleased with how they're compensated for the time and effort specifically for their coaching, I will say I think to say it's some kind of "revolt" makes it sound more coordinated than it is. I know in my situation a year ago, Coach Scroggins, and Coach Hiser it was primarily due to family situations -- namely that timing was such we had kids of a certain age that made us need to be with them more and the time spent/money earned related to being a head coach weren't enough to outweigh our desire to spend more time with family. I don't know t
  12. No offense taken. But I am curious how many programs in Ky. have head coaches who make under $7500 (remember, that includes off-season training, weightlifting, etc.). Also would be very interested to know how many programs with more than 100 kids freshman to senior yearly make that little.
  13. A) What schedule did he play against to acquire these stats? (this is not a loaded question; I honestly don't know where he played) B) How "connected" is his coach with lots of other head coaches (for it is a coaches' vote in the C-J)? A lot of times (not always) some of the votes are 'acquired' through emails saying, "you vote for my OL kid, I'll vote for your WR." C) How much was he "hyped" by his own school, coaching staff, and the media outlets in his area (I include people coming onto THIS site as important hype)?
  14. You are right about this. And their work, along with the Board's acknowledgement there are unique stressors working in JCPS, gives us good compensation teaching-wise. Again, I didn't want to come off as 'complaining' about the work they've done on our behalf as teachers. Just wanted to address those who think b/c our teaching pay is higher it somehow justifies low coaching pay. To your point, I think if they wanted to take this up as an issue, they would do a good job on our behalf. I'm sure they want to spend most of their time and effort getting the teaching pay as high as possi
  15. This is pretty much correct. For 12 years experience in Oldham with a Rank 1 you make $70,090 as Head Football Coach (teaching pay: $57,926, head coaching can earn you 21% of your teaching salary on top of that: $12,164). In JCPS you make $69,514 for teaching with a Rank 1. Again though, I can tell you from experience, I spent just as much time and tried just as hard to educate ALL my students as a teacher in Oldham schools for what they felt inclined to pay me for teaching as I did in JCPS. Similarly, as a JCPS head coach I worked just as hard in time and effort (maybe more conside
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