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  1. I'm not underestimating anyone and no disrespect intended. I think the world of a lot of people on both sides in this game. I just don't see the fear of picking Franklin County. I'm just giving my two cents about if I were recruiting these kids, Franklin County is tremendously slept on just because of the perception of the fans and even college coaches at times. Both teams have great players but these cats from Franklin County would fight a circle saw in hurricane force winds with a number 2 led pencil. I think they are a mission and I think they've been on that mission for quite some time. B
  2. I honestly don't know why. I would think of this from a college coach perspective. There is not a receiver that plays for Boyle that would start for FC. Two of the O-Linemen at FC would play over the 5 kids at Boyle if they were there. QB goes to Broyles and RB is a push at best. On defense 2 D-Linemen for Boyle would start at FC and that's it. If #87 from FC had not played soccer til last year, he would have signed on a much higher level and he's gonna be 6-6 260 before it's over. The LB core of FC would get picked in a draft between college coaches before the Boyle kids. The Mattison kid has
  3. Madison Southern is trying to shake up the 11th region universe with their upcoming hire. I'll be interested to see if they can pull it off and take the next steps needed with some of the upcoming talent in Madison County. I wish Coach Turley and his family well. Good guy and he did a great job.
  4. He has not been the OC at LCA. He has been a very integral part of their success. Things will not drop off under Doug's leadership.
  5. Patience Laster from Franklin County is a nice player. They have 4 pretty good freshmen
  6. He's been out with a nagging injury. Should be back very soon .....LCA had 3 offensive starters missing Saturday night in that game.
  7. Anderson from Cooper did not show up and neither did Meier from Simon Kenton as far as I know.
  8. I guess my concern is this. How does an entire coaching staff (GRC's that is) take off work ( do they get personal days to watch and scout schools that are NOT on their schedule) and come to watch this kid in the All A State tourney (which GRC is not eligible to play in), sit with and talk with the girl's mother in the stands at the tourney and leave IMMEDIATELY after that game is played and two weeks later she shows up at GRC. I mean I get the whole middle school parameters debate BUT I mean how obvious does it have to be to everyone else. GREAT people involved in this whole scenario. Really
  9. LCA starts 3 frosh and 2 sophomore on defense. LCA starts 2 sophomore and 1 frosh on offense. Backups are almost all freshmen or sophomore. Frankfort looks like an Under Armour commercial getting off the bus. They should win by 40 plus. Too many athletes everywhere. LCA is in the process of trying to rebuild something. They may still be three years away. It's hard to tell. Frankfort should be more worried about which hotel to stay in while in Bowling Green.
  10. It's all relative my friend. They may not be 6'4" and play both ways but if they did they could do the job anyway...sometimes its the difference in where you play ball you see. For example you could be a D Linemen from Morehead State and whip an O Linemen from Kentucky. :sssh: It's about ability and Cox is a great player but if he were at FC he'd be another peice to the puzzle not the majority of it. Good luck tonight to both teams. Wish I could be there
  11. They're at least 3-4 Ross Cox on offense at FC. Wait and see. Should be a good one
  12. Only time game has come down to last play was last year. Franklin beat AC by 30 the year before in 2011 and also in a scrimmage by 21 in 2010. AC is too slow to stop FC. I don't see this being an event matchup at all. FC 44 AC 24
  13. Having seen Mayfield on film twice already I can tell you I think Beechwood is a year away regardless of this game. In terms of the Franklin County team from this year they are a better team then last year because they get more snaps offensively because their defense is better thus far. Its alot easier to win games when you can have the ball for 25 minutes and score 42 then when you have it for 15 minutes and score 60. Sounds crazy but its true.It's easier to manipulate possessions when you are so good offensively knowing that your defense can force three and outs and not be on the field 7-8 m
  14. Franklin County can't be kept out of the end zone. The question is can Beechwood. Franklin County is going to score 40 on 15 defenders let alone 11 of them. Beechwood will have to score 41.
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